Malcolm Spencer's Story

Mis-treatment of Malcolm Spencer's Wet AMD resulted in him losing a lot of his sight. This video tells his side of the story.

Video Transcript

Malcolm: My name is Spencer, Malcolm Spencer, 73 year old retired, obviously at that age, enjoying life generally, apart from the difficulties I have with vision. My AMD changes very quickly and the result is you lose central vision, you can see the periphery, you can judge movement, you can see colours but as soon as you try to focus on it, you move your head to look at something, that object disappears, it just becomes a grey mass. The opticians were the guys who saw something wrong at the back of my eyes, the left eye in particular at that stage, they said: “We think you should be referred”. The consultant and his doctors all indicated that the only treatment was grid laser treatment; there was no mention of the two drugs which are commonly recognised ideal treatment for AMD. When I next saw the consultant in January 2009, he said: “It hasn’t improved has it?” I said it’s probably gotten worse. He didn’t say at that point that it is now untreatable. The initial consideration about going to any solicitor were triggered by the realisation that we had been badly let down and that’s what triggered us to get involved with JMW, we had become aware of them as a law firm that dealt with clinical negligence and we followed it through from there.

I would recommend JMW any day, they were superb, they’re lawyers, not medical people, but they gradually pulled all the little strands of information, medical information, together and then with the involvement of the expert witness professor Gibson they were able to understand and debate the problem that had occurred and then obviously it moved onto a legal interface with the Acute Pennine Trust which eventually resulted in their capitulation on the problem and the settlement of the case, but yeah, JMW, absolutely great.


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