Excessive Scarring and Burns Claims

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Excessive Scarring and Burns Claims

Suffering unnecessary scarring or burns due to the negligence of a medical professional can be extremely traumatic, making what can be an already frightening situation - such as undergoing an operation - even worse.

Given the nature of these injuries, they can also result in long-lasting or life-changing consequences, which is why many in this position choose to make a claim for compensation in order to help them move on and recover.

If you feel you have been left with scarring or burns as a result of medical negligence, then JMW can provide you with the expert advice you’ll need to determine whether you can make a claim, and then decide the best path forwards. Call us on 0345 872 6666 or complete our online enquiry form to receive a call back at your convenience.

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Why Choose JMW?

At JMW, we have solicitors who are members of the Law Society Medical Negligence solicitors’ panel, and are widely respected as being among the leading practitioners in their field in England and Wales.

As such, we are uniquely well-positioned to support you sensitively through each step of the claims process, taking a caring approach to dealing with each case. Having helped countless individuals in similar positions, we understand the difficulties that claimants face, so we work to make the legal side of the process as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

With the right team in your corner, you can claim the compensation you need to support you in facing the challenges ahead.

About Unnecessary Scarring and Burning

There are complications associated with all forms of surgery, meaning there is always a potential risk that something might go wrong. However, on some occasions, injuries can be caused by human error or a failure to follow the correct procedures.

Scarring is an inevitable consequence of many operations and surgical procedures, but low-quality or negligent care can result in the kind of unnecessary or extensive scars that ought to be prevented. Potential causes include:

  • incorrect stitching
  • the removal of too much skin
  • incorrect use of surgical equipment
  • poor surgical technique

Burns, meanwhile, can occur for many different reasons, including failure to follow the proper protocols when using equipment; in some instances, patients may emerge from an operating procedure and without knowing what has caused a burn they have sustained.

Naturally, nobody who undergoes medical treatment expects to come away from the process with new or exacerbated injuries; in instances where these injuries have resulted from preventable mistakes or medical negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation for scars or any burns suffered.

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