Court Issues Timetable

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Court Issues Timetable

Both sides are obliged to submit a suggested timetable (known as “directions”) to the court about how a case will progress, with a view to proceeding to a final hearing.  These directions should ideally be agreed upon between both sides prior to their submission to the court, however, this is not always possible and conflicting directions are sometimes submitted. If there is a disagreement between the parties about what directions are likely to be needed, the court may require a brief hearing which your lawyer will attend.

Regardless of whether or not both sides agree upon the directions prior to their submission to court, it will be up to the judge appointed to your case to determine what directions will apply.  The judge may even choose to issue a set of directions that combines proposals from both sides.

Directions will include provisions for both sides to disclose relevant documentation to each other, exchange witness statements and medical reports, pre-trial check lists and dates for a final hearing. Your lawyer will advise you on the directions given on your case, how these will be followed, and what you need to do.  It is vital that you follow any directions given on your case, as if you don’t, it can significantly impact your case.

There are two types of Personal Injury cases, as follows:

Generally these are cases where your compensation award is likely to be less than £25,000 and the injury has occurred in England and Wales.

Generally, these are cases that either; i. have occurred abroad. ii. Are likely to provide you with compensation in excess of £25,000 or iii. Have left you with life-changing injuries.
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*Usually, a case will settle before a final hearing, however once court proceedings have been issued, your lawyer will have to prepare the case as if it will go to trial.

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