Non-Court Dispute Resolution

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Non-court Dispute Resolution

Non-court dispute resolution refers to the variety of ways people can resolve a family dispute without attending court. It is also known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and can be used to resolve issues relating to money and/or arrangements for children. Available formats include:

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Why Choose Non-court Dispute Resolution?

There are many different forms of non-court dispute resolution. Their main advantage is that the parties, rather than the court, are in control of the timetable for resolving disputed issues. The parties can also agree which format is most appropriate for them, having regard to the dynamics of their relationship, cost considerations and the complexity of the matters to be dealt with.

If a dispute is resolved without court attendance, legal costs may be saved. Non-court dispute resolution should not necessarily be seen as a quick and cheap solution, but it can prove less expensive compared with contested court proceedings.

What to Think About When Considering Non-court Dispute Resolution?

Despite its numerous advantages, non-court dispute resolution is not right for every case. It may be unsuitable for couples in a situation of very high conflict or if there are concerns about incomplete or misleading financial disclosure on either side. A court-led process can also be beneficial if there has been substantial delay in bringing matters to a conclusion.

How We Can Help

If you are using a method of non-court dispute resolution in order to resolve issues relating to children or money, our family team will be on hand at all times to provide you with advice and guidance.

In mediation, you will attend meetings (either virtually or in person) with just the mediator and your ex. However, we will support you throughout the process and equip you to proceed at your chosen pace. Visit our mediation page to find out more.

In an arbitration or a private FDR you will be represented by your solicitor and/or a barrister. Both arbitration or private FDR may be appropriate during a court-led process to resolve some or all of the disputed issues in your case or as a complete alternative to going to court.

A separation can be very difficult for everyone involved, with such an event bringing significant changes to those concerned. It will often mean huge shifts in many aspects of a person's everyday life, and will likely affect more people than just the couple involved, including members of extended families, friends and, perhaps most importantly, children.

It is therefore essential that people are able to find a solution that suits everyone, drawing up a formal agreement that ensures the best outcome for the situation.

Clients of Other Firms – Private FDRs and Early Neutral Evaluation

Our in-house counsel, Abigail Bennett, conducts private FDRs and early neutral evaluations. Abigail is a highly-respected and sought-after barrister who also sits as a part-time district judge. Due to the need for absolute impartiality, this offering is only available to clients of other law firms. Visit our page to find out more.

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