Non-court Dispute Resolution

Non-court dispute resolution (formerly known as alternative dispute resolution or ADR) refers to the variety of ways people resolve a family dispute without attending court. At JMW, we have vast experience in helping couples get through what can be a particularly difficult time and we understand that issues of this nature, especially if they involve children or financial matters, can be extremely sensitive. Our friendly team can provide you with the advice and guidance you need.

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Mediation and Other Options for a Separation

Non-court dispute resolution can take many different forms but will usually involve at least one qualified family lawyer who will adopt the role of facilitator.

There are a number of options available to couples looking to overcome the emotional and practical challenges that separation can bring but one of the best-known and most popular is mediation. Find out more about mediation here.

There are many benefits to choosing mediation or other forms of non-court dispute resolution to resolve a family dispute. Perhaps the main advantage, however, is that it allows both parties to approach the process in a cooperative manner, therefore sidestepping the need for court proceedings which can prove expensive, time-consuming, upsetting and even aggressive.

Why Expert Legal Help Is Important

A separation can be very difficult for everyone involved, with such an event bringing significant changes to those concerned. It will often mean huge shifts in many aspects of a person's everyday life, and will likely affect more people than just the couple involved, including members of extended families, friends and, perhaps most importantly, children.

It is therefore essential that people are able to find a solution that suits everyone, drawing up a formal agreement that ensures the best outcome for the situation.

Why Choose JMW?

At JMW, we are highly experienced in helping couples find an amicable and satisfactory outcome to what can be an extremely difficult and emotionally charged matter. We appreciate that such issues can be complex and sensitive, and we are known for our sympathetic yet direct approach.

Our family law team is highly approachable and understanding, and with many years' experience behind us, can help you get the very best outcome for your non-court dispute resolution.

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