More than £8 million awarded to boy with kernicterus due to failures

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More than £8 million awarded to boy with kernicterus due to failures

A seven-year-old boy has received more than £8 million after a failure to treat Kernicterus Bilirubinaemia following a High Court Approval Hearing.

He will need round the clock care for the rest of his life after developing a rare form of brain damage called kernicterus. Kernicterus is completely preventable and is caused in newborn babies with jaundice that becomes so severe it affects the brain. 

His kernicterus has left him with severe cerebral palsy and he cannot stand or walk. He is also profoundly deaf and suffers communication problems as a result. He will always be dependent on others and will have a range of special care requirements to ensure he is properly looked after.

Angharad Hughes, a partner in the medical negligence department of JMW Solicitors, acted on his behalf.
She said that the extent of the brain damage which he had sustained means that he will be reliant on others for the rest of his life.

Angharad added: “The family is relieved to have finally reached the end of their legal battle with the NHS prompted by the failures which caused this child catastrophic injury. 
“This last part of the proceedings was to seek Court approval for the level of settlement to support this boy’s future needs, including the care, therapeutic, educational support and accommodation requirements he will have.

“As well as providing him with that security and certainty, it will bring a conclusion to the family’s campaign to secure justice on his behalf and allow them to get on with the rest of their lives.”
Under the terms of the settlement he has been awarded a total of just over £8million to cover these extensive needs which comprises of both a lump sum and annual payments.
We have built a reputation as one of the country's leading law firms for handling claims on behalf of families whose young children have developed Kernicterus brain damage as a result of medical negligence.

In recent years, we have not only secured several multi-million-pound compensation awards but have amassed a wealth of experience critical to achieving success in such cases.

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