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When accidents occur during pregnancy or birth, the results are often traumatic and long-term. If this occurs as a consequence of medical negligence, it is important you seek the help of an experienced legal team who can provide the support you need and help you to make a successful birth injury claim. The team at JMW is highly experienced in helping families who have been through - and may still be going through - such a difficult time.

To speak to the experts at JMW about your situation and to find out more about how we can help you and your family, simply call us on 0800 054 6512 or complete our online enquiry form and we will call you back to discuss the next steps to take. 

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About Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can be truly devastating for all involved, often not only affecting the baby and sometimes the mother, but also other family and friends who may be impacted by the serious consequences of such an injury.

These types of injury can take many forms and some can result in life-changing illnesses and conditions. Among the related services we cover at JMW are:

Our birth injury specialists also cover injuries such as:

  • Vaginal tears
  • Episiotomy
  • Caesarean section
  • Problems with anaesthetics
  • Brain damage

Claiming for a birth injury is commonly associated with hospitals, but it is not restricted to this environment and can involve other settings such as in the home and in birth centres. The latter are small maternity units that aim to provide a more 'homely' and less 'clinical' atmosphere and are sometimes preferred by women who wish to give birth without medical intervention. Typically staffed by midwives, birth centres aim to encourage calmness and help patients feel in control, which should ultimately lead to a more straightforward birth.

As with all birthing environments, however, birth centres are not without risks and there is always the possibility of something going wrong - especially if a medical professional acts negligently.

Making a Claim

When accidents occur during pregnancy or birth, the results are often traumatic and long-term. JMW's team of legal experts helps families affected by medical professionals whose negligence has caused an injury to a baby or mother. If you need help making a birth injury compensation claim, take advantage of a free initial assessment of your case by getting in touch today.

If an injury has occurred, those supervising the birth could be held accountable, particularly if complications were missed by those present or they failed to carry out procedures in line with their duty of care to patients. The person responsible might be the midwife, obstetrician or attending doctor.

You might also be able to make a claim if your midwife or doctor failed to treat you correctly or did not spot symptoms of a condition that developed during your pregnancy.

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Why Choose JMW?

At JMW, we understand how upsetting it is for all concerned when a birth injury occurs. Our sympathetic approach makes dealing with compensation claims as hassle-free as possible for you in what we know is a very difficult time.

Our birth injury solicitors are approachable, friendly, and entirely dedicated to getting the best results for you. We will guide you through each part of the claims process and provide clear and comprehensive legal advice at all times.

We have won many multi-million pound settlements for our clients and the team is headed by leading clinical negligence lawyer Eddie Jones and includes members of the Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) solicitors panel and members of the Law Society's specialist panel for clinical negligence. Where appropriate, we are able to take on cases on a no win, no fee arrangement, which means you are not placing yourself at any risk financially should your claim prove unsuccessful.

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If you believe your family has suffered because of birth injury negligence, speak to the expert solicitors at JMW for help and advice about what to do next. Passionate, professional and approachable, we can help you determine the next steps to take and provide the support you need thereafter.

Either call us on 0800 054 6512 or complete our online enquiry form, which will allow us to give you a call back at a suitable time.


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