Man’s Life Devastated by Appalling Cauda Equina Syndrome failures - £9.3 million

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Man’s Life Devastated by Appalling Cauda Equina Syndrome failures - £9.3 million


‘Chris’ had his life completely devastated after a misdiagnosis of serious neurological condition cauda equina syndrome. Chris was left with bowel and bladder dysfunction, severe permanent pain, mobility problems, sexual dysfunction and depression. Although nothing could make up for this severe impact on his life, Eddie Jones, a partner in the JMW clinical negligence team specialising in cauda equina cases, obtained £9.3 million in compensation to help Chris cover the cost of his lifelong disabilities.

Start of ordeal

Chris’ ordeal began with back pain worse than he had ever experienced before. Chris sought help from his GP who recommended exercise and paracetamol. The next day Chris found he was struggling to pass urine and the feeling was different when he did manage to. 

Cauda equina syndrome misdiagnosed

Chris continued to seek help from his doctor and then an urgent care centre as his condition deteriorated. He was referred to the orthopaedic team at hospital but unfortunately was sent home without a referral for an emergency MRI scan. 

Chris’ condition worsened further over coming days and was in touch with his GP practice who were not concerned due to the fact he had been discharged from hospital. The situation eventually came to a head and Chris was admitted to hospital. An MRI scan revealed that he had a very severe disc prolapse which was compressing the cauda equina nerves at the base of his spine. He was transferred to a larger hospital and taken immediately to theatre for surgery. However it was now too late to prevent permanent damage to his spinal cord.

Successful medical negligence case

Chris’ life was completely devastated and he could no longer work and required assistance with many aspects of daily living. He contacted Eddie Jones, a specialist cauda equina syndrome solicitor at JMW for advice, who took on his case and found appalling failures in the recognition and treatment of Chris’ cauda equina syndrome.

Eddie was successful in obtaining £9.3 million in compensation for Chris to cover the cost of care, specialist housing and financial security given he can no longer work. 

Have you also suffered a misdiagnosis?

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