Repeated Delay in Treating Spinal Cord Injury – £4.37 Million

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Repeated Delay in Treating Spinal Cord Injury – £4.37 Million

Lucy, 40

JMW has helped a woman secure £4.37 million compensation after medical professionals failed to investigate and properly treat suspected cauda equina syndrome.

Lucy (40) has been left with debilitating and permanent pain, leg weakness, loss of sexual sensation, urinary and bowel problems after the Red Flag signs of a spinal cord problem were not treated appropriately.

Eddie Jones, head of Medical Negligence at JMW took on Lucy's case and secured her £4.37 million in compensation to address her ongoing situation.

Sudden Back Pain

Lucy was not somebody who had been troubled with back pain in the past. One morning when Lucy was cleaning up after her dog she experienced a sudden pain in her back radiating into her left leg. She contacted her GP Surgery and later was seen by her family doctor who thought she was suffering from cauda equina syndrome. The doctor was so concerned that he put Lucy in his own car and drove her to the local Emergency Department at the Kent & Sussex Hospital. That evening a junior doctor considered Lucy had Red Flags for cauda equina Syndrome and decided she needed an urgent MRI Scan. However, when a more senior Doctor reviewed Lucy's case he decided the scan could be put off until the following morning.

Lucy had her scan the next day and it was then decided to contact the nearest neurosurgical Unit in order to arrange for Lucy to have the surgery.

Three day delay

When the doctors at the neurosurgical unit saw the scans and discussed Lucy's case they decided that she did not need immediate transfer and Lucy was left at her local Hospital, her condition deteriorating for the next three days.

Severe disability

Eventually the neurosurgical unit accepted Lucy for admission and she underwent surgery to decompress her spine. Unfortunately, as a result of the delay, Lucy has been left seriously disabled. She developed permanent effects of spinal cord compression. The surgery was left too late to prevent permanent and severe mobility problems, leg weakness, urinary incontinence and chronic pain. If the neurosurgical unit had accepted her for urgent treatment as it ought to have done, then Lucy would have had prompt surgery and her disabilities largely would have been avoided.


After contacting JMW for advice Lucy's case was taken on by spinal injuries specialist, Eddie Jones, who obtained £4.37 million in compensation.

Have you or a loved one also suffered delays in treatment of a spinal injury?

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