Baby Stillborn Following Complicated Pregnancy - £30,000

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Baby Stillborn Following Complicated Pregnancy - £30,000

Jane, 36

JMW has been successful in acquiring a £30,000 payout for a woman following negligent care by midwives resulted in her child being stillborn.

Jane was 36 when she became pregnant for the first time.  She was classified as being a high-risk pregnancy as she has a raised body mass index of 45, and suffered from epilepsy. She went beyond her due date and was booked into hospital for an induction.  Two days before the induction was due she began to have contractions, and in the early hours of the following day she contacted the hospital but was advised to remain at home.  Shortly after that she experienced what she thought was her waters breaking, and she contacted the hospital again.  The Midwife that she spoke to told her it was only a “show” and nothing to worry about, and that she should remain at home.  In fact, Jane had experienced a hind water rupture of membranes with meconium, and should have been told to go to hospital immediately.

After telephoning the hospital again later that morning she was advised to come in.  However, the baby’s heart rate was not checked with a CTG trace, and Jane was discharged home.

The following day she went back into hospital in the morning to find that her baby had died in-utero. 

The claim

Jane pursued a claim as a result of the hospital’s negligent care. She alleged that whilst the hospital Midwife should have admitted her to hospital when she first suggested her waters had broken, and when she was subsequently admitted to hospital, should have carried out a full assessment and carried out a CTG trace.

Had an assessment been undertaken then it is likely that Jane would have had an emergency caesarean section, and the baby would have been born alive.


JMW Solicitors successfully pursued Jane’s case for her and she received £30,000.00 in compensation from the Trust.

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