Baby stillborn following negligently recorded due date - £35,000

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Baby stillborn following negligently recorded due date - £35,000

Rachel, 39

A woman who suffered a tragic and avoidable stillbirth was helped to challenge the poor care she faced by JMW clinical negligence solicitor Bryony Doyle. Although nothing could make up for the loss of her child Bryony was able to obtain answers for Rachel and secured her £35,000 in compensation.

Failure to accurately record the estimated date of delivery

Rachel was expecting her first child and her pregnancy was uncomplicated with everything progressing normally.

Her routine 12 and 20 week scans were all normal and confirmed the same estimated date of delivery of the baby. However on the birth centre referral form that was submitted the incorrect estimated date of delivery was given. This meant that Rachel’s pregnancy was allowed to progress beyond 42 week cut off period when the baby is at increased risk of stillbirth.

NHS guidelines state that an induction must take place between 41 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. However due to the administrative error with her due date Rachel’s induction was not arranged until she was 42 +2 weeks

After the induction commenced the labour progressed well but Rachel noted concerns that the baby had stopped moving and she had a sharp pain in her abdomen. A CTG trace was attached to Rachel to check the baby’s heart rate and this revealed a severe abnormality. Rachel was rushed to theatre for an emergency C-section however a further check on the baby’s heart rate revealed that she had tragically died. Rachel was left in the heart-breaking situation of having to deliver a stillborn baby which she requested was done by C-section.

Successful medical negligence case

Rachel was put in touch with the specialist medical negligence team at JMW and her case was taken on by Bryony Doyle. Her investigation revealed that had the correct estimated date of delivery been recorded, Rachel’s baby would have been born alive.

JMW successfully concluded Rachel’s case and she received £35,000 from the trust for the pain and suffering that she endured.

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