Prenups – Can they actually be romantic?

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Prenups – Can they actually be romantic?

Approaching your husband or wife-to-be with the proposal of a prenuptial agreement can be nerve-wracking. After all, who wants to start their fairy-tail journey with potentially daunting contractual negotiations?

However, it is possible for a prenup to be a romantic stage of your wedding planning. Here are three reasons why:

Prenups require good communication, a key factor in any good marriage

Any prenup must include a schedule of financial disclosure from both parties. This requirement will ensure that you are and your future spouse are honest and transparent, setting the right tone for your marriage.

Negotiating the terms of a prenup will help you become comfortable talking about money with each other. If this something you have not been used to during your relationship, then the negotiations may break the ice in this respect.

The communications between you which are necessitated by the prenup can pave the way for openness throughout the marriage and thus make you better equipped to resolve future conflicts as a married couple.

A prenup will help you to build a secure financial future together

Recent studies show that money is the biggest cause of conflict in modern marriages. Agreeing upon a prenup can put you both into the mindset of working together to resolve financial issues.

Further, drafting a prenup can act as an important reminder that you need to invest in your future, as well as splashing out on your wedding.

If you’re engaged to be married, you’re planning to be with your spouse for richer or poorer, but actions speak louder than words. Rather than simply pledging this in front of your witnesses and guests, make sure you make this vow a reality by saying ‘I do’ to a prenup.

A prenup means you’re looking out for each other, no matter what

Being open with your future spouse and discussing a contingency plan in the event of future separation, whilst daunting, can help you both feel safe and secure.

It is a misconception that a prenup protects only the wealthy spouse. In reality, the wealthier spouse can feel their assets and wealth are protected by the prenup and the spouse in the weaker financial position can be reassured that there will be provision for them in the event of divorce. Think of it as protecting each other, rather than yourselves.

The terms of a prenuptial agreement can include health, life and disability insurance, access to certain bank accounts, educational fees for children and estate planning. It therefore presents as a great opportunity to ensure both of your needs are going to be met at all times.

An important factor to consider is that negotiating terms of a prenup provides you with the opportunity to consider how you want to provide for each other whilst your relationship is strong and loving rather than gambling on what will happen in the worst-case scenario. This is particularly important if you have or plan to have children.

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