How does it work?

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How does it work?

We find that clients like to deal with one point of contact for international queries - someone who knows their business, its priorities and its culture, and who they can call on to provide comprehensive support wherever and whenever it is needed in the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to be an extension of our clients’ in-house team.

We provide this service through our comprehensive and hand-picked network of connections to local lawyers throughout the world. All of the local lawyers that we work with have been tried and tested to ensure that they meet the high standards that we set for legal advice to our clients: this includes the ability to be able to provide commercial and pragmatic advice that is compliant with local law. However, we are never bound to use any particular local law firm. Our service is designed to be flexible, commercial, and client-focussed, and so it will never be driven by reciprocal arrangements.

Our team’s existing knowledge and experience allows them to work with our network efficiently, and cost effectively, to provide fast, effective and flexible support to clients, wherever in the world it is needed. We will always ensure that our clients’ objectives are the driving force behind our advice.

Why choose us?

Our clients tell us that our international service creates efficiencies for their business, including in relation to legal spend, as it tends to save time and money on international HR issues and projects. This is because the assistance that we provide ensures that they get to their end goals more quickly, and with less back and forth between HR and legal, than would otherwise would be the case.

In addition, the feedback that we have had from our clients is that we have added significant value by supporting global HR teams to develop their knowledge of international HR management, we issue-spot, and pick up on trends and learning points. This means that, over time, HR are less likely to need our support for day-to-day international issues.

Talk to Us

If you have an international HR or labour law query, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our international team by calling +44(0)203 675 7600 or by filling in our online enquiry form.

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