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We are a nationally and internationally recognised family law team operating out of the heart of London, Manchester and Liverpool.

We offer versatility and compassion that comes from years of practising family law at a high level. We know when to fight and when to stand still but above all, that our clients require both strategy and support from the outset that is realistic and affordable, not one that we will let them down from with a bump when the going gets tough.

We support clients from all backgrounds and locations across the UK and abroad to safeguard what is important to them, their children, their integrity and their wealth.

Described as “Real people, doing real work and adding real value”. Our clients specifically seek advice from us in respect of

  • Pre and postnuptial Agreements
  • Post separation arrangements for children
  • The division of capital and income
  • International child relocation and abduction
  • Surrogacy
  • Expatriate advice and international family law

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