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Corporate Support

Corporate support is the term used to describe the property work associated with a corporate transaction, usually the purchase or sale of a business. When buying or selling a business, consideration must be given to the premises from which the business operates. These can be a chain of shops, warehouses, or just the business head office.

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Why Choose JMW?

Our real estate commercial team has extensive experience in dealing with the property element of business transactions ranging from relatively low value, small businesses to multi-million pound company sales. We work seamlessly with our corporate team to complete the deal in the agreed timescales and can provide you with the advice you need to deal with all of the property aspects of corporate transactions.

If you are buying a business, we will advise you of the level of property due diligence that is appropriate and any risks associated with that, taking into account your requirements, the nature of the properties and the overall transaction.

We have extensive and well established links with agents, surveyors and other property professionals throughout the country to ensure you have access to a network of specialists to cover any aspect of the property element of a corporate deal, whether it is carrying out structural surveys or undertaking environmental investigations.

At JMW, we will guide you through the transaction, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and will offer pragmatic, commercial advice on the risks that you are being asked to accept.

With a wealth of experience and sector knowledge, we are well placed to advise and represent you in relation to all your distressed property needs.

How We Can Help

The extent of what our corporate support work will entail depends on the nature of the corporate transaction. If the buyer is purchasing the target company’s shares, the property work will largely be a due diligence exercise. If the buyer is purchasing the assets and goodwill of a business, the property work will also include ensuring that the buyer has the right to occupy the properties used by the business. This can include selling those properties to the buyer, assigning leases or even granting new leases or licences to occupy.

The level of property due diligence also needs to be considered. Discussions around this are common, as full property due diligence can quickly become a very large task when applied to a significant property portfolio. In corporate transactions, a seller may look to restrict the level of property information supplied and a buyer will want to balance the competing desires of obtaining full information on the properties it is acquiring and keeping control of costs and the acquisition on track.

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