Distressed Portfolio Purchase

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Distressed Portfolio Purchase

The term distressed property is commonly used to describe a property in relation to which the owner cannot maintain it due to defaulting on their financial arrangements, resulting in lender action. Sales of such properties, for below open market value, are commonplace in order to promote a quick sale and where buying in bulk, even greater discounts, will be available.

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Problems with Distressed Portfolio Purchases

Prospective investment purchasers are always looking for value in what is a very competitive marketplace, and distressed properties are often a very attractive proposition. However, purchasing distressed property is not for the faint of heart and presents its own particular challenges and pitfalls.

Sellers will frequently have very little information about the property and will be looking for a quick turnaround, while the buyer will often be expected to take a view on commercial and/or legal matters that they would normally expect to be resolved by the seller. When buying a portfolio of distressed properties, such challenges and potential issues are only magnified.

Whether you are looking to acquire distressed properties from administrators, receivers and liquidators, or direct from a lender, you can rely upon our vast experience to ensure that the inevitable challenges presented by transactions of this nature are overcome as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Why Choose JMW?

Our real estate commercial team is a well-established leader in the area of large, complex and high value distressed property acquisitions.

Working closely with our corporate recovery and insolvency, corporate and banking teams, we provide all of the expert advice and support you need when approaching the multifaceted process of buying a distressed portfolio. We will guide you through the various stages involved and help to ensure that you are able to secure the best possible deal in the best possible time.

We have extensive and well established links with insolvency practitioners, agents, financial institutions, banks, tax advisors and auction houses to ensure you have access to opportunities and a network of specialists to deliver innovative and effective solutions to satisfy your requirements.

At JMW, we guide buyers through this process, offering pragmatic, commercial advice on the risks that a buyer is being asked to accept. We will offer solutions to protect buyers and their lenders, ensuring a smooth transaction and comfort for all parties.

With a wealth of experience and sector knowledge, we are well placed to advise and represent you in relation to all your distressed property needs.

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How We Work

At JMW, we will build our team around yours, developing a successful partnership through continuity and the very best level of service.

We work closely with other teams within our firm to offer a full suite of legal expertise. We also work with a variety of property professionals across the UK, giving you access to a network of specialists to deliver innovative and effective solutions to satisfy your requirements.

Where appropriate, we can offer flexible and innovative fee structures and fixed fee services. Through the use of new technology, such as cloud based data rooms, we continue to work more efficiently and will develop and implement bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

Constantly striving to add value to our client relationships, we are happy to provide bespoke training to your organisation and will keep you regularly updated on any changes to the law and practice affecting the sector.

Our solicitors will provide the expert guidance you need at every stage. We are here to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, doing the hard work so that you don't have to.

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