Court approves £4.8 million compensation for brain damaged girl


The High Court in London has today given its seal of approval for compensation amounting to £4.8 million to be paid to a girl left severely brain damaged due to medical blunders.

The family of Erin Tye, now 14, say the money will enable them to cope financially with her mental and physical disabilities, which require round the clock care.

Erin’s mother Diane Tye, of Leiston, Suffolk, commented: “The past 14 years have been incredibly hard for the family because giving Erin a decent quality of life has been such a struggle. The house we are currently living in is totally unsuitable and Erin is confined to just two rooms. We will now be able to address that, and some of the worry and concern we have for Erin’s future has been taken away.

“As Erin gets older, life gets harder and harder. While no amount of money can ever compensate for ability to lead a full and normal life, our focus now must be on making Erin as comfortable as possible, and ensuring our family has the necessary support to cope with the tough times ahead.”

JMW Solicitors, who represented the Tye family in a successful case against the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, said: “This was a tragic case of NHS staff not taking action to address Erin’s deteriorating condition, and therefore failing to protect her from the catastrophic brain damage that she suffered.

“In doing so, they deprived Erin of everything the rest of us take for granted. We are delighted that the settlement we reached has now been approved and the family can begin to move forward with their lives.”

Erin was born in 1997 at just 26 weeks at The Ipswich Hospital, weighing a tiny 945 grams.

Three months later, after initially being monitored at the hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit, Erin was allowed to go home. However, a few days later, she became ill with cold-like symptoms and was crying constantly. Diane called the Special Care Baby Unit for help, and was told by a doctor to buy some medicine from her pharmacy.

The next day, Erin’s condition had deteriorated, so Diane called the hospital again to ask for help for the child. This time a nurse dismissed her concerns as colic and offered no further assistance. This failure by the hospital to act on Diane’s concerns was to have devastating consequences.

Erin stopped breathing and was rushed to hospital by Diane, where her condition deteriorated and she experienced convulsions. Weeks later it emerged that Erin, who is the eldest of four children, had suffered devastating brain damage, leaving her with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, severe learning difficulties and impaired eyesight.


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