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Angela: My name is Angela Wilson; I have got a son Thomas, an identical twin, who is 26. The main thing when he was little was that he had tenacity, when he was born he had a will to live and I think that’s been throughout whatever he has attempted or tried, he had to do it to his very best of his ability. I had my emergency C-section and we had a twin to twin transfusion, after three days he got really sick very quickly, he looked, his body became a banana shape, but the wrong way if you know what I mean, which was part of the kernicterus which we didn’t realise then. We didn’t really think about brain damage, we just used to think about the next day, during that time Thomas had top up transfusions, which, when we look back now, limited his brain damage a little bit, but it was all preventable if they had just exchanged his blood after he had been born, then he wouldn’t have suffered the brain damage, such a simple thing like that. People didn’t go into details to how he suffered CP, it was never mentioned, we thought we should really start researching and finding if there was a particularly problem that caused Thomas all his disabilities.

We decided to go to a solicitor in Bolton; we just looked in the Yellow Pages, that’s a long time ago, and they referred us to JMW in Manchester and that’s how we met Eddie, Eddie Jones. When we met Eddie he was a young man with black hair, when we finished with him he was grey. He was just the type that, like us, he wouldn’t give up and he was with us through the worst times ever, but he supported us all the way. There was always anger inside us which, anger and frustrations but they sort of curtailed all of that and channelled it into the right areas, for Thomas, to get justice for Thomas. JMW’s involvement in our life from the first time that we met how can we say what affect it has had on your life? Obviously Thomas got his award, but it’s not just that it’s my relief was, I was justified, I had a reason, the money for me wasn’t the real reason I did it the real reason behind it was that I wanted them to say sorry, that they had made a mistake. Kieran and I can now relax to know that his care is always sorted, or it hopefully  it will all be sorted, which it is, he’s more independent but basically for me it wasn’t about money it was about getting people to say they were sorry, and acknowledging the mistake that they made.


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