Vasili Kalisperas' Story

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Father: Vasili was born on the 18th May 2012; he was born a healthy child. We enjoyed him for the first 24 hours. He had this jaundice; we’ve had jaundice before in the family so it was a concern because he was quite jaundiced. Jude the midwife saw my child the following day, we expressed the jaundice that we noticed in my son Vasili, she seemed unconcerned; she even wrote no concern on the documents. I was almost acting on instinct because my son came home normal and it was only after the word kernicterus was mentioned by the paediatrician that I started looking deeper into it.And I came across JMW because they had a hell of a lot of case studies and a lot of experience in the field and Eddie Jones and the lady called Olivia Scates from JMW seemed to be the people in the know.

Initially I was in contact with Olivia from JMW and she alleviated many fears in taking on a case against the NHS because as a lay man it’s a very scary process. Number one going through the trauma of what happened to my child and number two you fear for the financial security for your family of taking on a case. She alleviated those fears through expressing and explaining what legal aid and ‘no win no fee’ systems can do for our negligence case. What really surprised me about dealing with JMW and it was a real big shock that they go out of their way to actually help families like my own, deal with this situation, not just the legal side, they have for instance, from their own funding created a website for kernicterus awareness, they sponsor many charities and that sums up to me that they care, this is not just solicitors doing their job, they are going past the need that they’re needed for, they are providing additional care and are pretty much like councillors.

I remember when we had a phone call from Olivia telling me the hospital had admitted liability. I actually felt very empty, I felt angry, but I felt relieved that the liability aspect of it was not going to drag on for several years like many cases do. I was sleep walking into it because of trauma and I still am to this day if I’m being honest with you, still traumatised and it’s still hard to understand what’s happened and I don’t think we will ever truly accept the pain, the pain that he goes through, but he’s better since JMW were involved because they’ve allowed Vasili to have carers in place to help us have that time for the rest of the family, so for us the biggest thing is to secure his safety in life and that’s with his health and his place in care.


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