GP Negligence Claims

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GP Negligence Claims

Most people will go to their GP as the first port of call when they are feeling unwell and doctors are trusted to diagnose and suggest the next phase of treatment for an illness. However, sometimes mistakes happen and symptoms are missed, which can have lifelong implications for the patient.

If you have suffered a delayed or missed diagnosis by a GP that resulted in serious health consequences for you, you may be entitled to make a GP negligence compensation claim. By doing so, you can secure funding to cover the costs of any future treatment you might need, as well as ensure those responsible for your negligent treatment are held to account.

The specialist medical negligence solicitors at JMW are ideally placed to help you make your GP negligence claim. We have years of experience in making successful claims in circumstances like yours, and we have the expertise and specialist knowledge to guide you through every step of the claims process.

If your GP fails to provide you with a reasonable standard of care, speak to our expert team of GP negligence solicitors about your situation today. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation, which can help you to better understand the next steps you should take. We are able to take on cases on a no win, no fee basis. 

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How JMW Can Help

Our specialist solicitors have experience in dealing with a wide range of GP negligence claims, including: 

  • Late or incorrect diagnosis
  • Failure to refer you for specialist care
  • Failure to conduct a satisfactory physical examination
  • Errors with prescriptions
  • Failure to consider medical history
  • Failure to refer you for tests 

Each of these errors represents a failure by your GP to uphold their duty of care, and can lead to long-term health problems for patients. If you have suffered injury or illness as a result of negligent treatment, it is essential that the consequences of these mistakes are recognised so they can be prevented in future.

Our team is headed by medical negligence claims lawyer Eddie Jones, who is widely recognised as one of the leading practitioners in this area of law. Our team also includes members of the Law Society's specialist panel of clinical negligence solicitors and the Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) solicitors panel.

Our expert GP negligence solicitors are dedicated to providing a service that will deliver the best possible outcome for you, and we have a track record of success in thousands of other  medical negligence cases to demonstrate this. We will work tirelessly to build a strong case for you, to give you the best possible chance of receiving compensation, and will keep you updated every step of the way.

If you choose to make a claim with us, we can take on cases on a conditional fee agreement, also known as a no win, no fee arrangement, which means you are not placing yourself at financial risk if your case should not progress.

What is GP negligence?

GP negligence is the term used when a general practitioner is found to have delivered a standard of care that falls below the required level that patients are entitled to expect, and that they are required to provide as registered medical professionals. This can encompass anything from careless mistakes to errors of judgement or failures to follow due process.

Below are some common examples of medical negligence by general practitioners:

  • Providing the wrong treatment or prescription for a medical condition, or failing to prescribe medication when it is needed
  • Misdiagnosing a medical condition or causing delays in diagnosis, resulting in the problem getting worse
  • Accidents and mistakes when administering treatment, leading to injury or illness
  • Failing to refer patients to a specialist doctor, meaning they do not receive the medical help and further tests they require
  • Failing to arrange basic tests, such as blood tests, causing delays in diagnosis and preventing patients from receiving further treatment
  • Neglecting to properly check a patient's medical history, leading to them receiving inappropriate care or the wrong prescriptions

All GPs and medical professionals have a duty of care to deliver a basic level of competence and rigour. If your GP failed to meet this standard, and you or a family member has been impacted as a result, you should speak to a solicitor to see if you have a strong case to make a claim for GP negligence compensation.

What is the Process for Making a GP Negligence Claim?

The friendly, knowledgeable solicitors at JMW have years of experience in making medical negligence claims for cases involving GPs and other medical professionals. We have helped thousands of people to make a successful negligence claim and obtain the compensation they deserve, which means we are well-placed to provide advice and legal representation.

If you are looking to make a medical negligence claim involving a GP surgery, the process will be as follows:

  • Get in touch with our specialist team of medical negligence experts, and we will organise a free consultation to discuss the details of your GP negligence case, in order to assess the strength of your claim and the best steps to take next.
  • We may ask you to make a formal complaint about the GP or GP surgery through the NHS complaints process, as the response this receives can provide vital information.
  • We must obtain and review your medical records, after you have provided us with authorisation to do so.
  • We will speak to leading independent medical experts with expertise in the relevant area of medicine, asking them for their advice on whether the GP failed to deliver the necessary standard of care and what harm this may have caused.
  • We will put forward a letter of claim to the defending party. If the evidence shows clearly that negligence occurred, this may lead to an admission of liability, and compensation will be awarded. If the other side fails to acknowledge any wrongdoing but our expert remains supportive, we will press on with the case until it reaches a successful conclusion.

GP claims of this kind are vital for putting right the damage that has been done. When awarded in  GP negligence claims, compensation can help you to cover the cost of private treatment for any injuries you have been left with, as well as any loss of income and earnings that may have resulted. GP negligence cases can also help to ensure that those responsible are held to account and lessons are learned, which will protect other patients from experiencing similar treatment by the same GP.

It is also important to remember that the cost of your compensation claim will not be taken from critical healthcare budgets, as claims against the NHS are handled by a separate entity known as NHS Resolution or the GP’s defence organisation. These function similarly to an insurance company, providing separate funds to cover the cost of medical negligence claims.

At JMW Solicitors, we handle negligence compensation claims through a conditional fee agreement..

FAQs About GP Negligence Claims

Are there any time limits on GP negligence claims?

Legal proceedings should be started within three years of the date you first became aware, or could reasonably be expected to know, that something had gone wrong with your medical treatment.

In some cases, it will not become obvious that an intervention has had long-term consequences until several months or even years have passed.

There are some exceptions to this rule: 

  • If the claimant is under 18, the three-year time limit only expires on his/her 21st birthday. 
  • For individuals with a legal disability (for example, those who lack mental capacity), no limitation period applies. 
  • If someone has died because of a GP's negligence, the three-year time limit runs from the date of death. 
How can I make a complaint about my GP?

Making a formal complaint to your GP can be a vital part of the claims process, as the GP surgery's response - whether it is an apology or explanation - can provide insights that will be useful for your legal team.

To make a complaint, you will need to check the GP practice's complaints procedure, which will usually be published on their website. You will then need to write a letter that sets out your concerns about your treatment clearly in writing.

The GP practice will be obliged by the NHS Constitution, or by their own specific complaints policy, to investigate and respond to your negligence complaint. You should keep copies of all of this correspondence, and make a note of the names and positions of everyone involved.

If you have deeper concerns about the standard of care provided by your GP, you may choose to escalate the complaint by reporting them to the General Medical Council (GMC). This can be done online, and may be a better option if you do not feel comfortable raising your concern directly with the GP.

How much can someone claim for GP negligence?

When making a GP negligence claim, the amount of compensation you will receive will be calculated depending on the specifics of the case, the severity of the impact on your life, and the amount of financial loss you have experienced as a result of the substandard treatment.

The following factors will all be taken into account as part of the claim:

  • Loss of income and any time you have had to take off work. 
  • Losses to your future income due to long-term effects on your ability to work. 
  • Psychological and mental conditions you have developed as a result of medical negligence. 
  • The cost of ongoing medical care and rehabilitation. 
  • Adaptations you have had to make to your lifestyle, including modifications to your home to accommodate a disability, and additional daily expenses created by your injury. 
  • Negative effects on your social life or pastimes you may no longer be able to enjoy. 

For more information on how much compensation you might be able to claim, it is best to speak to a qualified solicitor, who can provide you with a more specific estimate based on the details of your case.

How long does it take to make a GP negligence claim?

The length of time taken to resolve a GP negligence claim will vary greatly depending on the details of the claim. If the case can be proven quickly, and liability is accepted immediately, the case will be settled more quickly. However, if the specifics of the claim are more complex, it could take some years to reach a conclusion.

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