Optician Negligence Claims

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Optician Negligence Claims

Experiencing negligence at the hands of an optician can be a distressing experience that can have longer-term implications for victims. If you have been put in this position you may be eligible to seek compensation for any harm you have suffered.

At JMW, our solicitors specialise in negligence claims, and we can provide the expert legal assistance you need to help you secure the best possible outcome, while offering support at every step of the process.

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About optician negligence

Visiting an optician is a regular routine for many people, who place great trust in these professionals to provide appropriate care and to correctly diagnose any problems. Unfortunately, opticians - as with any other medical professionals - can be prone to error, and any mistakes made regarding eye care can have very serious consequences.

After all, your eyesight is precious, and visual impairments can impact day-to-day living in ways that can be life-changing. If your eyesight or eye health has been damaged and you believe this was either caused by or could have been prevented by an optician, you may be able to make a claim.

Common claims

Optician negligence can take many forms. You may be entitled to claim compensation if you have suffered due to:

  • Misdiagnosis of eye conditions, such as cataracts or glaucoma
  • Failure to diagnose eye problems
  • Referrals for further treatment being delayed
  • Mistakes made during laser eye surgery

As well as the physical impact they can have, problems such as these can have a major impact psychologically. Being unable to see as well as you did previously can impact on your social life, your hobbies and activities, as well as your ability to drive, work and earn a living. The social and financial implications of this can be enormous and can lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

It is therefore essential to seek expert legal assistance in these instances to help you claim the compensation you may need to help you move forward and rebuild your life.

Why Choose JMW?

At JMW our team of solicitors is highly experienced in all types of medical negligence claim. We can provide the expert assistance you need to navigate what can often be a complex legal process.

We have won countless medical negligence cases over the years and are respected as leaders in this field in England and Wales. What’s more, we have a reputation for delivering a friendly and sympathetic service, and pledge to keep you updated with help and advice at every step of the claims proceedings.

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