Contraception Failure Compensation Claims

If you or your partner have undergone a contraception or sterilisation procedure and have subsequently become pregnant or suffered medical complications, you may be able to make a failure of contraception compensation claim. The experienced solicitors at JMW understand how sensitive this issue can be and will treat your claim with the utmost discretion.

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About Contraception Failure Compensation Claims

While all forms of contraception carry some risk or failure rate, if you have suffered as a result of a negligent sterilisation procedure on the part of a medical professional, it may be possible to claim financial compensation for the pain and suffering that their mistakes have caused.

We regularly help the victims of contraception negligence to claim compensation for a range of contraception and sterilisation related issues, including unwanted pregnancy and its physical and emotional after-effects.

We also help clients claim compensation for related issues, such as:

  • Side effects of oral contraception
  • Complications relating to injectable hormones
  • Complications relating to intrauterine devices

Types of Contraception Requiring Surgery

There are various forms of contraception, including condoms and the contraceptive pill, but the main types that require surgical treatment include female sterilisation and vasectomies. For each procedure, there is potential for things to go wrong should the medical professional involved act in a manner that can be deemed negligent.

Female sterilisation

This is a form of surgery that involves the fallopian tubes, which connect the ovaries to the womb, being sealed or blocked. This prevents the woman's eggs from reaching the sperm and removes the possibility of the eggs becoming fertilised. However, doctor error can result in the procedure not being performed correctly and may include improper fastening of clips to the fallopian tubes.


A vasectomy involves the tubes that transport a man's sperm from the testicles to the penis being cut and sealed, which means the sperm is cut off from reaching the semen. As a result, there is no sperm in the semen when it is ejaculated from the man's penis. Mistakes during this procedure can occur, however, and may involve an incorrect structure, such as a ligament, being cut instead of the intended tube.

Why Choose JMW?

Whatever the nature of your situation, our experienced, sympathetic solicitors will be happy to discuss your claim on a confidential basis and make some initial legal recommendations.

We have the experience necessary to help ensure your claim has every chance of success and will provide the support you need at every step. We understand the sensitive nature of cases such as these and this is why we always approach such claims in a professional yet sympathetic and understanding manner. We feel that a close, supportive relationship with our clients is important in helping us to achieve the best possible outcome.

The successes of JMW's clinical negligence team speak for themselves; we are widely known for securing the best results for our clients and, headed by leading solicitor Eddie Jones, the team is respected throughout the UK. The team includes members of the Law Society's specialist panel for clinical negligence the Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) solicitors panel.

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