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If you have recently been made redundant or are going through a consultation and are concerned that your legal rights may have been infringed, our experienced solicitors can provide expert advice and guidance. We regularly help victims of flawed redundancy procedures to claim compensation.

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Your Employee Rights Explained

As an employee who has been made redundant, or is currently going through the redundancy process, you could be eligible for certain entitlements, including:

  • Redundancy pay
  • An alternative job
  • Time to look for a new job
  • A notice period along with pay
  • A one-to-one consultation with your employer

It is also imperative that, when selecting you for redundancy, your employer was fair in their decision, taking into account your length of service, disciplinary record and your skills and experience compared to other employees.

Your employer should not select you for redundancy based on your age, gender, a disability or pregnancy, religious beliefs or political views.

How Much Redundancy Pay Am I Entitled to?

  • In most circumstances, you will be entitled to redundancy pay if you’ve been with your current employer for two years or more, with length of service capped at 20 years. How much you are entitled to is determined by your age:
  • Those under 22 will receive half a week’s pay for each full year of service
  • Those aged between 22 and 41 will receive one week’s pay for each full year of service
  • Those aged over 41 will receive one and a half week’s pay for each full year of service

Weekly payments are capped at £525 and the maximum amount of statutory redundancy pay is £15,750. If redundancy and severance payments are under £30,000, no tax will be taken from the total amount.

For more information on redundancy, including a redundancy pay calculator, visit the website.


What Can I Claim if the Company I Worked For Has Gone Into Administration and Dismissed Me?
  • Notice Pay
  • Redundancy Pay
  • A Protective Award (to compensate you for the company's failure to consult with you prior to making you redundant)
How Much is a Claim Worth?
  • Notice Pay - one week's pay for each year you were employed (maximum 12 weeks' pay)
  • Redundancy Pay - between one and one and a half weeks' pay for each year you were employed (a maximum of 20 weeks' pay)
  • A Protective Award - up to 90 days' pay
Who Can Make a Claim?

Claims can be made if you are an employee who has:

  • Been employed for a minimum of one month (Notice Pay)
  • Been employed for a minimum of two years (Redundancy Pay)

Other factors to consider include:

  • There is no minimum term of employment to claim the Protective Award
  • You can claim a Protective Award even if you cannot claim Notice Pay and Redundancy Pay
  • You do not need to be a trade union member to make a claim
How Do I Make a Claim?
  • To make a claim for Notice Pay or Redundancy Pay, submit an RP1 form to the Insolvency Service
  • To make a claim for the Protective Award, you must obtain an Employment Tribunal Judgment

Please note: all Employment Tribunals claim forms must be lodged with the Tribunal within three calendar months less a day from your date of dismissal.

Can I Still Claim The Protective Award if I Have Already Claimed Notice Pay and Redundancy?

You are able to claim the Protective Award if you have already claimed Notice Pay and Redundancy Pay.

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