NHS Employee Whistleblower Protection

If you are a current or former NHS employee and you have suffered detrimental repercussions after raising concerns about malpractice or wrongdoing in the workplace, you may be entitled to pursue a whistleblowing claim. The employment solicitors at JMW have the experience and expertise to help if you feel you have either been treated unfairly after speaking out about your concerns, or if you are thinking about doing so but are worried about how this might impact you and your position.

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About NHS Whistleblowing

Employees in all industries and job types may experience or witness wrongdoing in the workplace and wish to speak up against it or raise concerns about how things could be improved. However, they may also be worried about the negative impact this could have on them and their position at work. The law surrounding whistleblowing is complex, but those who decide to speak up in order to improve matters deserve the right legal backing to make sure their own interests are properly protected.

The NHS serves an incredibly important role and efforts should always be made to ensure the service is working as effectively as possible, and staff should not be afraid to suggest improvements or to point out instances when the best course of action has not been taken. Improving patient safety is at the heart of the NHS and employees should be able to make their feelings known without fear of being badly treated and with confidence that their concerns will be taken seriously and action taken. Whistleblowing cases often serve a very important purpose and raise serious issues that need to be rectified.

Unfortunately, it has not been uncommon in the past for NHS staff who have raised concerns to have reported isolation, bullying and counter-allegations after doing so. Whistleblowing might even lead to an employee facing difficulties in advancing in their careers.

If you have felt victimised in this way, you should seek legal assistance to find out more about what options are available to you and which steps you should take next. 

Protection Before and After Whistleblowing

The team at JMW will not only provide assistance after you have felt victimised following a whistleblowing incident; we can also support and protect you before you raise your concerns, providing the legal guidance you need and to give you the peace of mind that what you are doing is for the best and that you are aware of the legal frameworks that can safeguard you.

We understand that raising concerns about your employer or place of work can be incredibly difficult and you may worry about what any repercussions may be. With the right legal support, however, you will have a better understanding of how to report any public interest concerns and how to best protect against any reprisals and to avoid any further difficulties down the line. 

Why Choose JMW?

The experienced employment team at JMW can provide the expert legal guidance you need either before, during or after a whistleblowing event, ensuring your best interests - and those of NHS patients, who will ultimately benefit from any improvements to the service - are always put first.

We are renowned for our professional and proactive approach and will support you throughout. Should you wish for it, we will advise you on the best way to remain anonymous; something that is particularly important for some people, especially if the story attracts widespread publicity.

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