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If you are in a same sex relationship and either have or are thinking about entering a civil partnership and would like to know more about your legal rights, the expert family solicitors at JMW can help. Likewise, if you are considering entering into a pre-partnership agreement, we can help you easily make sense of the content, effect and enforceability of any agreement you make.

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Converting a Civil Partnership Into a Marriage

Same sex couples have a choice; they may either marry or enter into a civil partnership. If they wish, same sex couples who are already in a civil partnership can convert their civil partnership into a marriage and receive a marriage certificate, without bringing the civil partnership to an end.

The process of conversion is relatively straightforward and the first step is to contact your local register office or visit their website. The conversion can take place at either a register office or religious or other approved premises where same sex marriages are allowed. The style of occasion is very much a matter of choice for the couple; it can be as simple as attending an appointment together at the local register office and signing a conversion into marriage declaration, or a ceremony can be held to mark the conversion and family and friends can join the couple to celebrate the occasion (although there is no requirement for witnesses).

A fee currently set at £45 will be charged, and if a ceremony is to take place, the cost will be a matter for the venue chosen by the couple. In common with certificates of birth, marriage or death, £4 will be charged for the certificate provided to the couple after the conversion. The date on the certificate will be the date on which their civil partnership was formed.

Same sex couples who either convert from civil partnership to marriage, marry, or enter into a civil partnership are subject to the same legal rights and responsibilities. In the event that the marriage or civil partnership were to break down, the legal and financial consequences would be unaffected by the decision to convert or not, aside from some very minor technical differences in the documentation required by the court to get a divorce or dissolution of civil partnership.

Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

Ending a civil partnership can be a complicated and stressful time. Luckily, our team of family law solicitors is on hand to provide legal advice and assistance when you need it most.

Dissolution of a civil partnership is virtually identical to a divorce, and the same principles apply to both procedures. We will guide you through every step of the process and ensure that your interests are protected at all times. Whether you need advice on reaching a financial settlement or deciding arrangements for your children, we are here to help.

Find out more about civil partnership dissolution here.

Infographic - Civil Partnership Dissolution Process

Civil partnership dissolution can be a complex process. To help you better understand the steps involved when going through a civil partnership dissolution or a divorce, we have put together a handy interactive infographic. Although every divorce is different, our infographic provides a basic, easy-to-understand run-through of what you can expect when going through the process.

Explore our interactive infographic here.

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At JMW, we are highly experienced in helping people in same sex relationships with all different legal aspects of their civil partnership. We can provide the support and assistance you need to make sure everything runs smoothly and is carried out as efficiently as possible.

We are renowned for our commitment to providing a high quality client service and our approachable nature, which allows us to build close relationships with our clients and enables us to get the right results. 

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