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How to start divorce proceedings?

Partner and Head of Family, Michael Chapman, explains how to start your divorce.

Do we need to agree on the grounds for divorce?

Here's what you need to know about grounds for divorce. Only applicable to divorces started before 6 April 2022.

What happens next and how long does it take?

Here Michael Chapman lays out what you can expect from the process. Only applicable to divorces started before 6 April 2022.

Does the court take premarital assets into account?

To what extent will the court look to share pre-marital assets, if at all?

Can you make a financial agreement legally binding?

It is then essential that you take steps to make this agreement legally binding

How is child maintenance dealt with?

Child maintenance depends on the income bracket of the paying parent.

How will the court divide our assets?

What will take into consideration when dividing assets following a separation.

Are there orders other than child maintenance?

In certain cases, the court can be invited to make a spousal maintenance order.

Are prenups legally binding?

In-house Barrister Abigail Bennett explains whether prenups are enforceable by law.

When does the court make a maintenance order other than child maintenance?

In certain cases, the court can be invited to make a spousal maintenance order. Elspeth Kinder outlines when and how the court may make this decision.

What if we can't agree on arrangements?

Sometimes, despite best intentions, it may seem impossible to agree arrangements with your ex-partner. But there are some steps that you can take, Beverley Jones explains.

Will my children's wishes be taken into account?

Beverley Jones outlines to what extent the court can take children's wishes into account when deciding child arrangement matters.

Can we change the child's surname

One of the most common questions asked by separating parents is whether a child's surname can be changed.

What if I want to re-locate?

What should you do if you want to re-locate with your children? Beverley Jones, Partner and Head of Liverpool Family, explains what factors to bear in mind if you are moving somewhere new with your children.

How do I get an injunction?

I do not feel safe at home. What can I do?

If I apply for an injunction, will I need to give evidence in court?

What is an injunction?

My ex and I have agreed to sell our foreign holiday home and split the proceeds, do we still need to take advice?

What if my spouse has assets overseas? Can the court still deal with those assets?

I have found out that my spouse holds a number of overseas bank accounts. Should I be worried?

I have an overseas pension and I am planning to get a divorce, however, I'd like to split that pension with my ex. What are my options?

What are the main warning signs that someone has assets hidden offshore?

I have a financial order from court but am unable to fulfil its terms as my circumstances have changed. What can I do?

Can I get a prenup after getting married?

Are prenups legally binding?

I can no longer afford to pay spousal maintenance in accordance with the order of the court. What can I do?