Nurses and the pressures they face

The consequences of medical negligence can be extremely serious, with people's lives turned upside down because of the errors of others. However, it is important to look at why these mistakes are being made, and what can be done to prevent them. One explanation as to why nurses may be more prone to blunders is the pressure they face - so we wanted to ask nurses themselves to find out more.

We asked a number of nurses about staffing levels, paperwork and red tape, the amount of time they get to spend with patients, and respect. We found many nurses believe wards are regularly understaffed, paperwork is preventing them from spending more time with patients - something they are all keen to do - and that respect is not always as forthcoming as it could be.

The infographic below illustrates the difficulties facing the UK's nurses at present. Presenting nurses' opinions in their own words, our infographic shows the struggles nurses face on a daily basis, and could go some way to explain why potentially life-altering mistakes are being made in the nation's hospitals.


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