Clinical Negligence Videos

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Clinical Negligence Videos

Find out more about how JMW Solicitors has helped clients to claim compensation after being affected by medical negligence in our videos below.

Eddie Jones - Head of Clinical Negligence

In this video, Head of Clinical Negligence at JMW Eddie Jones and some of our clients, talk about how we help to rebuild lives following avoidable injury.

Living with Cauda Equina Syndrome: Ginny's Story

In this video Ginny explains how JMW has helped her to rebuild her life following a delay in diagnosis of spinal injury cauda equina syndrome.

Paula Mckay's Story

Paula McKay shares the story of her two children who tragically both suffered birth injuries.

Adam and Hayley's story

In this video Adam and Hayley Powsney talk about the tragic and avoidable stillbirth of their first son and how JMW held their hands through the legal process and were an unwavering source of support and guidance.

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