Part Time and Temporary Workers’ Rights

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Part-time and Temporary Workers’ Rights

If you were employed on a part-time or temporary basis and you feel your employee withheld some of your rights or treated you unfairly, JMW’s expert employment solicitors can help you bring a claim for compensation.

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In Law, what is Part-Time Work?

Part-time work is when a worker is contracted permanently but for fewer hours than full time. There is no set limit on what counts as part-time work and most people take up this type of work to have a fair balance between work and life commitments. Examples of part-time work include:

  • Job share - where a full-time position is split into two part-time jobs
  • Term-time work - where work is carried out during school holidays
  • Evening or weekend work
  • Casual work or bank work

In Law, what is Temporary Work?

Temporary workers, also known as agency workers or ‘temps’, are specifically hired to carry out work for a certain period of time. During this time, you are temporarily working for that company and must adhere to rules laid out by your employer.

Agency or other temporary workers are not entitled to claim:

What Are Your Rights?

Workers who are part-time or temporary now have comprehensive legal rights, and any employer not adhering to the law is leaving themselves open to prosecution. If you are a part-time or temporary agency worker, you are entitled to:

  • Paid annual leave
  • Rest breaks
  • Working time limits
  • Minimum wage
  • No unlawful wage deductions
  • Access to shared facilities at your workplace (these could include canteens, crèches, car parking areas, etc.)
  • Statutory sick pay

You might also be entitled to:

  • Maternity or paternity paid leave
  • Adoption pay

If your employer has used your temporary or part-time status to deny you your legal employment rights, JMW can represent you and make a claim on your behalf.

Why Choose JMW?

Our solicitors are up to date with all legislation involving part-time and temporary staff, meaning you can rest assured your claim is in good hands. We will work hard to ensure your best interests are looked after if your employer has failed to pay your wages or breached an employment contract.

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