Three Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Case Studies

£4,500 for a road worker with noise-induced hearing loss

Mr H began to suffer from hearing loss after having worked in close proximity to loud equipment in his roles as a road worker. The constant noise of jackhammers and other vibrating road tools took their toll, causing Mr H to suffer 11.9 decibel hearing loss. Though his employers denied liability, we were able to demonstrate that they had been negligent in their role and Mr H was awarded £4,500 in compensation.

£5,000 for a weaponry engineer with noise-induced hearing loss

Our client, Mr B worked at BAE Systems for over 30 years. In this time, he worked with lots of heavy engineering machinery and weaponry, not knowing that his hearing was being irreparably damaged. Eventually, Mr B suffered significant hearing loss of 20 decibels as well as tinnitus – ringing and buzzing in his ears. Mr B approached us for help with gaining compensation. We were able to secure him £5,000 in damages.

£4,500 for manual worker with noise-induced hearing loss

At 50, this client was relatively young to have developed noise-induced hearing loss. However, after working as both a road worker and a machine operator, Mr R’s hearing was permanently damaged. In his role as a road maintenance worker, Mr R used a jackhammer to break into concrete, with no hearing protection provided. In another role, as a machine operator, he was tasked to cut through aluminium sheets using a loud cutting machine, whilst in close proximity to several other machines. The four years’ exposure caused him to suffer hearing loss and he approached us for assistance. We helped Mr R to secure £4,500 in compensation.

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