So often, we’d like to learn more about a particular element of the sport we’re passionate about, but our time is limited.  At Twisted Spokes, we’re sympathetic to that, and so have put together a handy set of links to help you navigate the depth of cycling content on the internet and get straight to what you need.  

Cycling resources

New to the sport, or just want a refresher of the key players?  These links will take you to the right places to discover and engage with the key members of the cycling world. (Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign) (the national cycling charity)


Keep informed about what’s going on in the world of cycling by visiting these key news sites.

Shops and merch 

Do you need replacement clothing following your accident?  As a starting point, here are some reputable sites:


If we were to list all the cycling blogs that have been impactful over recent years, we’d probably generate enough content for a new website!  Below are a few sites we visit regularly that we hope you’ll enjoy too.  

The ritual of the cafe stop

Out on a ride, sometimes, you just want to stop for a quick coffee and a slice of cake, to regain your energy levels.  Here are some websites of cycling-friendly coffee shops, and a couple of general review sites we've found helpful in giving us an idea of where to go. - Romiley, Cheshire - Newcastle upon Tyne - Central Manchester

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