Arm Injury Compensation

Arm Amputation

Total loss of both arms £191,950 - £239,140
Loss of one arm above the shoulder No less than £109,330
Loss of one arm above the elbow  £87,000 - £104,370
Loss of one arm below the arm £76,650 - £87,410

Arm Injury

Severe arm injury   £76,650 - £104,370
Serious arm injury leaving permanent and substantial effects    £31,220 - £47,720
Serious arm injury leaving some long-lasting effects    £15,300 - £31,220
Fracture between the elbow and the wrist   £5,280 - £15,300
Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)   £2,390 - £30,630

If you have suffered an arm injury that has resulted in significant pain and suffering, as well as financial losses, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. The expert solicitors at JMW can help you estimate how much you could receive, and provide advice on how to take your claim to the next stage.

The figures given above provide a rough guide of how much you might be able to claim for an arm injury, based on the Judicial College Injury Tables. Generated by JMW’s Compensation Calculator, these estimates can help you decide whether or not you wish to take your claim forward.

For a more accurate calculation of how much you could be able to claim, based on the specifics of your case, get in touch with the expert solicitors at JMW today. We can give you a precise estimate that takes into account all of the details about your injury and circumstances.

To find out more or to begin the compensation claims process in earnest, call us on 0800 054 6570, or fill in our online enquiry form to request a callback. You can find out more about our personal injury claim services here.

What Should I Do Next?

If you’ve sustained an arm injury that wasn’t your fault and would like to make a compensation claim, it’s important to follow the right course of action to maximise your chances of a positive outcome.

After obtaining an initial estimate from our Compensation Calculator, you should look to speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor as soon as possible. The potential value of your claim will depend on a lot of variables, including the severity of the injury and the financial losses you have suffered, and a legal expert will need to review these details to provide as comprehensive and accurate an estimate as possible.

Once you have done this, you will be able to instruct your solicitor to get your compensation claim up and running, making contact with those responsible for your injury, and gathering the evidence needed to create a strong case. By relying on the expertise of a legal firm with specialist knowledge of personal injury claims, you will have the best chance of claiming the maximum amount of compensation available.

For more information on what to do next, give us a call on 0800 054 6570 for a free, no-obligation discussion of your options. You can also look at our guide to the Lifecycle of a Claim to find out more.

What Can Affect the Value of a Compensation Claim?

The value of an arm injury compensation claim will depend on the seriousness of the injury itself, and the pain and suffering it causes. It will also be influenced by the impact of the incident on the victim’s life, and any financial losses they suffer as a result.

Even milder arm injuries can require a significant period of rest, treatment, and rehabilitation, making it difficult for the individual to maintain their normal routine. This can necessitate a prolonged absence from work, costly medical treatment, or even structural changes to their accommodation to cater for the injury.

In the most severe cases, such as amputations, the effect of the injury can be completely life-changing, emotionally distressing, and disabling in nearly every part of the victim’s personal and professional life.

All of these additional costs and losses will need to be factored in alongside the claim amount for the injury itself. To find out how much this could be worth in total, speak to JMW Solicitors today.

How Can Compensation Help?

Claiming compensation can help you to reduce the stress and suffering you have felt as a result of your injury, making it easier for you to cover your costs, make necessary lifestyle adjustments and focus on your recovery.

A compensation award can be used to pay for the following:

  • Costs and expenses incurred due to the injury
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ongoing medical treatment and surgery costs
  • Specialist equipment required for daily living
  • Transport and travel arrangements required as a result of the injury
  • Loss of earnings
  • Prosthetics

Types of Arm Injury

Arm injuries differ in severity and type, depending on the part of the arm that is affected. Some of the most common include:

  • Upper arm injuries, including fractures of the humerus; torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons; and amputations
  • Forearm injuries, including fractures, muscle damage, and tendon injuries
  • Elbow injuries, including fractures, dislocation, and bursitis
  • Wrist injuries, including fractures, sprains, and carpal tunnel syndrome

Forearm injuries tend to be the most frequent, but the upper arm is also vulnerable. Injuries to the latter often impact the entire arm, leaving the sufferer unable to move the arm without feeling pain.

Fractures commonly occur as a result of slips, trips and falls, when the individual puts out their hand or arm to protect themselves. Many straightforward fractures heal fully after a period of rest and support, such as wearing a cast or a sling; however, not all fractures are simple and displacement can occur, causing the bones to move apart. In these cases, injuries may take much longer than expected to heal.

Arm injuries can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from accidents at work to road traffic accidents or sporting injuries, among many others. If you have sustained an arm injury that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to claim compensation and should contact a solicitor to discuss your options.

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