Criminal Injury and Abuse Compensation Claims

If you have suffered as a result of criminal injury or abuse - be it physical, psychological or sexual - you will be able to make a criminal injury and abuse compensation claim. This offers you the opportunity to seek justice following an extremely harrowing and stressful time. The expert criminal injury solicitors at JMW understand the difficulty you’re facing at this moment and we will work with you to ensure your claim is successful.

To find out more about criminal injury and abuse compensation, contact our team today. The abuse claims solicitors at the JMW law firm have vast experience in sensitively, sympathetically and successfully handling cases of this kind, so simply call us on 0800 054 6570 or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our criminal injury solicitors specialise in a range of claims, including, but not limited to:

We understand that coming forward to tell someone you have suffered abuse, or are being abused, is an extremely difficult thing to do. However, seeking legal help is an important step to ensure you are removed from a dangerous situation, are able to get the justice you deserve, and are in a good position to make a claim for compensation, which can help get you back on your feet.

Suffering criminal injury or abuse can involve either physical or psychological harm, or both, and this makes it all the more important that you have immediate access to the best kind of support, such as counselling or psychiatric help. Making a claim for criminal injury compensation may be the last thing on your mind, but our solicitors are here to help you through the process with a minimum of hassle. Claims can be made for both vulnerable adults and children, and may be brought against the organisation that allowed the abuse to take place.

The abuse claims team at JMW will make the claims process as straightforward as possible for you, as we understand recounting these terrible incidents can be incredibly distressing. We will carry out a full investigation into the circumstances of your injury or abuse and collect information and evidence that can help strengthen your case, as well as bring in expert help to provide assessments and reports on the effects of the abuse.

Throughout the process, we will provide regular updates on the status of your claim, letting you know about the next steps. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you and we handle all cases with sensitivity and diligence.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) Claims

Not all criminal injury claims are handled by the organisation that allowed the abuse to take place. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is the government agency responsible for handling claims from people who have been physically or mentally injured as the result of being a victim of violent crime in England, Scotland or Wales. When a claim is made on your behalf and your circumstances match with those outlined above, it is the CICA who will ultimately pay your compensation award, although a solicitor will still handle the process of making a claim on your behalf.

A CICA compensation award will cover:

  • The abuse suffered
  • Any injuries sustained
  • Psychological damage
  • Cost of any therapies following abuse

Even if an offender has not been caught or identified, compensation can still be paid out.

This can be a complex area of law to get to grips with, and we would urge you to seek legal advice if you think your claim may match the circumstances we’ve outlined above. Even if you have suffered some form of abuse, but are unsure about what to do or whether you can make a claim, a legal expert will be able to advise you of the next steps in confidence.

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