Advice on Returning to Work Following a Head Injury

After recovering from a head injury, you may feel that you are ready to return to work. However, the lasting effects of a head injury may mean that you find it tricky to do the job you once did effectively. This is because the skills required to do a job, such as multitasking, concentrating, remembering or being able to work in a busy, noisy environment, may have been impacted as a result of your injury.

This does not mean you are no longer able to work. It may mean, however, that adaptations need to be made to your workplace or that you need to take on a different role that is more suitable for you. There are many ways to approach returning to work after a head injury and with the right information, you can return to work confident, comfortable and ready to continue with an important part of your life.

JMW has provided advice below to help you make a successful transition back to work.

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