Mohammed Danyal

Mohammed was knocked over as a child by a hit and run driver. He suffered a brain injury, was in a coma and needed help walking for sometime. He has now learned to work with the issues his injury caused and is studying to be a solicitor.

His story is uplifting and proof that determination can help you overcome many problems in life.

Video Transcript

Gordon Cartwright - Partner in personal injury department

Hello and welcome to JMW’s guide to head and brain injuries. My name’s Gordon Cartwright and I’m a partner in the personal injury department at JMW.

Over this series of videos we’ve helped you with the legal process and how you can pursue a claim for a head injury but I’m also keen to let you hear from the victim of a head injury so that you can understand how they’ve managed to cope and how you can cope as well with the effects of a head injury like this.

The following is a video of an interview we took with Mohammed Danyal who’s now twenty two years of age but was involved in a very serious road traffic accident when he was only seven years of age.

Mohammed Danyal - Accident Sufferer

I don’t recall anything, only from what my parents have told me. It was our fasting season, it was Ramadan on the 2nd of January 1998 around 15:45 and I’d just come out the mosque. Usually I come out with my dad and he put, I remember he said he put my shoes high up next to his but I must have got someone to take them down for me, so. My grandma’s house was just up the road so I thought it’s only a couple of minutes so I’ll just walk up.

So I was crossing the road and I was next to the pavement when the car just came, I believe it was a taxi driver, and he just crashed into me and ran me over. He didn’t stop, he stopped, he stopped and then went off. He pulled me to the side and then just went and drove away. So that’s what I remember.

My dad, he told me, he came out of the mosque and he’s going up and saw all these people were in a crowd and he just, he looked down and then he saw, that’s Mohammad’s coat, that’s my coat and so he went over, lifted it up and there I was, I was bleeding from my nose, my mouth, my ears and yeah practically everything.

I got taken to the hospital. I was unconscious for two to three weeks. When I woke up I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t really do anything, I was in a wheelchair for two, three weeks. I wasn’t the same person, my personality had changed and I kept getting headaches, I kept falling down a lot and as a result I’ve got left sided weakness as well so I couldn’t really do much as well.

It wasn’t easy and because I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t scream so I kept like, I couldn’t really say anything as well, so I couldn’t say ow or anything, so just made little murmurs while my parents kept making me do stuff because they wanted me to learn to walk and talk again.

I didn’t want to go to school, I had to go because I was with all these people and I didn’t like any of the people, they say, oh hi you’ve come with all these people what’s wrong with you. To many I do come across as normal but my parents say there’s a lot of stuff wrong with you, even I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

At the moment I get, I have a support worker who comes to my house every week, every Wednesday. He goes through stuff, they ask how I am. Recently I’ve applied for a job, I’ve got my results, I wanted to do journalism, English literature with journalism, I was guaranteed a place but on results day I just thought why don’t I just do law, so I just thought I was just going to do law. I need that one chance and I’ll just... I know, I know I’ve got the capabilities, I know I’m strong minded so I can do it, I know I can do it.

Personal injury is definitely something that I want to go into because obviously I can relate, I’ve had an accident as well so I can appreciate where people are coming from. I can tell people about my experience and the stuff that I’ve accomplished and hopefully they can take something from that and maybe they can obviously apply to their own lives.

I’m very grateful for JMW for all that they’ve done. I’ve really gained a lot from them and hopefully they’ll stand me in good stead for what I’m looking for do to in the future.

What I would tell people is there’s nothing wrong, just because you’ve had a head injury doesn’t mean that you can’t do stuff. People tell you that you can’t always do stuff but you can always do everything you want. Doctors told me I won’t be able to finish school or go university and look where I am.

Gordon Cartwright - Partner in personal injury department

We hope that’s been helpful but if you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us either through the website or on 0345 872 6666. Myself or one of my colleagues will be more than happy to help out with any questions that you may have and hopefully put to rest any concerns you have about the legal process.

Thank you for watching.

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