Effects of Head & Brain Trauma

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Hello, I’m Gordon Cartwright, a partner in JMW’s personal injury team, specialising in head and brain injuries. Today we are going to discuss the likely kinds of effects head and brain injuries can have on an individual and how you can start understanding your injury.

As your solicitor, in order to gain the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injury, it is important for me to know your accident circumstances inside out, as well as helping me to gather evidence to support your case. It will usually help me to understand what types of effects you may experience because of how you gained your injuries, and therefore help me to guide you through them. Unlike many other types of injury there is no certain set of affects a head and brain injury will have on your life. This is because the brain controls every element of human life from moving each part of the body, to higher brain functions such as personality and intelligence. When it is damaged it will be adversely affected in a way too complex to predict. However, my experiences with past clients can help me to give you an idea of what affects you may encounter.

After any accident you will naturally feel emotional distress, but with a head and brain injury it is common to feel depressed and frustrated and be subject to the knock on effects these emotions can have. Experiencing difficulty controlling your temper, as well as feeling unable to solve problems are equally common and you may need help to deal with these issues.

The way you interact with friends, family and other members of society can also be affected and you may find yourself becoming less social and experiencing lower levels of self-esteem. Being able to discuss this with a rehabilitation expert will help you to resolve these feelings.

It is also common to experience some form of memory loss or disorder, but this can also be linked to issues with attention, as some aspects of memory are directly linked to attention. Investigative rehabilitation work can help understand the particular type of disorder you experience and help rebuild your memory.

Aside from emotional and psychological affects you may experience changes to how your brain is able to process things, for example, some of my clients have experienced problems with their sense of smell and there is a very well documented case of a person with a brain injury who was not able to perceive the right hand side of things. Of course this is in no way an exhaustive or definitive list of how you will find yourself affected after a head or brain injury and although my primary role as your solicitor will be to maximise your claim, I will also be making sure you are well on your way to rehabilitation, making a recovery and re-engaging with the rest of your life after the trauma of an accident.

We are going to explore the rehabilitation process and the effect your injury can have on friends and family in later videos, but for now, as always, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any queries, either through the website or on 0800 054 6078. Thank you for watching.

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