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Many legal firms focus solely on securing compensation, and while this is clearly a priority for us, we believe our holistic service goes above this and provides comprehensive emotional and practical support to our clients.

As well as fighting for the compensation that our clients are entitled to, our team:

  • Has access to a wide network of medical professionals and experts who can assist with supporting evidence
  • Can put clients in touch with people who can assist with the practicalities of a serious injury such as case managers, support workers and care assistants, who will look at what is needed to maintain a standard of living, from home adaptations to specialist equipment
  • Offer emotional support from start to finish
  • Offer financial advice – we understand the devastating impact of not being able to work and we can provide help in investing your compensation wisely or setting up a trust
  • Can call on an employment consultant – are you facing a forced career change due to a personal injury?

Interim payments

Sometimes injuries are so severe, life changing and debilitating that people face loss of income and other costs immediately. In these cases it is sometimes possible for our team to arrange for an interim payment, which will be obtained from the defendant’s insurer.

Your lawyer will be able to advise you on the possibility of arranging an interim payment from the defendant. However it may not be appropriate for your case – interim payments are generally awarded only in very severe cases and where the defendant has been found legally liable for your injuries.

Further assistance

Some of the medical conditions we claim for, particularly mesothelioma, have long incubation periods which mean people might not experience symptoms until decades later, and may have even chosen to move abroad to live out their retirement. We offer support and legal help to expats who are dealing with the impact of asbestos exposure and other issues while enjoying their retirement in the sun.

If you have an asbestos-related condition over a lengthy period of time, and you now live abroad, we can:

  • Ensure you do not have to travel back to the UK to make your claim
  • Arrange medical appointments in the country you now live in
  • Keep in regular contact with you to let you know the progress of your claim
  • Work under UK law and guidelines to streamline the process, where possible

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JMW Solicitors provide comprehensive support to all clients and our focus is always on a positive resolution of a compensation case, as well as ensuring our clients are supported emotionally along the way. Contact us now to discuss your case on 0345 872 6666.

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