Case Study: Pothole Leads to Multiple Injuries from Motorcycle Accident

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Case Study: Pothole Leads to Multiple Injuries from Motorcycle Accident

Woman receives undisclosed fee from local council

A young woman has secured compensation after a pothole caused her motorcycle to crash. She was awarded an undisclosed sum to cover her pain, medical expenses, repair costs and lost earnings.

The Case

The accident occurred on a B-road just outside Cardiff, when the 28-year-old claimant rode over a pothole that she had not seen in the road.

This made the bike's front wheel buckle, while the back end was thrown outwards and skidded on the wet road. The bike toppled over to the left and was still travelling with the female rider trapped beneath its weight. As well as sustaining road burn to her right leg and shoulder, the young woman fractured her right wrist and suffered a painful neck injury.

As a result, the woman required a soft collar and a sling for her wrist, resulting in her having to take time off work as writing and travelling were impossible due to her injuries.

The Claim

Because the accident was caused by a pothole, the biker decided to pursue a compensation claim against the local council. After seeking legal advice, the claimant’s family took photographs of the pothole to use as evidence, while the woman sought legal representation from JMW Solicitors.

She detailed the circumstances surrounding the accident and explained that she needed compensation to cover her lost freelance earnings. Armed with this knowledge, the photographic evidence of the pothole and an independent expert’s analysis of her personal injuries, the JMW team was able to put together a strong claim on her behalf.

Final Settlement

Ultimately, the young woman’s claim was successful, with the courts awarding her an undisclosed sum to cover her pain, suffering, lost earnings and medical expenses, as well as the cost of her motorcycle repairs and damaged leathers.

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