Case Study: Elderly Woman Injured in Fall on a Bus Earns Compensation

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Case Study: Elderly Woman Injured in Fall on a Bus Earns Compensation

Mrs M was awarded £4,687.50

A woman who was injured after the driver of the bus she had just boarded pulled away before she had time to sit down was able to claim compensation with JMW Solicitors. We were able to help her secure a payout of £4,687. Read our useful article below on what happens once liability has been accepted to find out more about this process.

The Case

Mrs M had just boarded a Stagecoach bus in Woolwich when she fell and was injured. The driver had pulled away before she had a reasonable chance to sit down, causing Mrs M to stumble backwards and hit her head on the front window.

After the accident, Mrs M received five stitches in her right hand and was left wearing a plaster boot, as her ankle was fractured with tendons pulled from the bone. In addition to these injuries, she received a superficial laceration to her right wrist and a soft tissue injury to her right ankle.

The Claim

Mrs M was shaken and seriously injured after her accident. Despite the fact that Mrs M had very clearly been injured and was taken to hospital after the incident, Stagecoach’s insurers denied liability. Their driver denied any knowledge of the accident, and a fault with the CCTV recordings meant it was impossible to see any footage from the bus.

Meanwhile, Mrs M saw her mobility severely restricted during her recovery, meaning she was forced to rely on her friends and family for three months after the accident. Furthermore, a subsequent MRI scan on her wrist showed that the pain was likely to continue for up to 20 months.

Gathering Evidence

With the defendants denying liability and CCTV footage unavailable, JMW Solicitors arranged for Mrs M to see a medical specialist and gathered evidence from witnesses, taking statements from doctors who had treated Mrs M on the day of the accident and from fellow bus passengers who had seen what had happened. After we sent this documentation to the defendants’ insurers, they made Mrs M an offer.

Final Settlement

After taking advice from us, Mrs M rejected Stagecoach’s initial offer as too low. Instead, we entered into discussions with the defendants’ lawyers, and they were able to agree on a higher amount.

The defendants now offered to pay compensation of £4,687.50. After careful consideration, Mrs M decided to accept this offer, as it would enable her to pay for the extra care and travel costs that were necessitated by her injuries.

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