PEOPIL and Co-Operation

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PEOPIL and Co-Operation

It is not often I stop and reflect, but the opportunity to attend and present at The Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL)  annual conference, helped me to reflect on the positives that occur when we can collaborate effectively.  One of the many advantages of membership and involvement with the organisation is that it helps members to form relationships with trusted lawyers from other jurisdictions, in fact there were attendees from 24 countries year, gathered together for the purpose of education, to share ideas, and to seek to bring about change.  It certainly helps me to help  my clients, when I have such inspiring lawyers to collaborate with.  

I was honoured to be able to present to the audience to explain the challenges we face in seeking justice for our clients injured in Europe who wish to seek to pursue a legal case in their home Courts of England or Wales.

The synergy resulting from the combined efforts and skills, the different perspective that comes from speaking to another lawyer, especially when they have a differing experience from their jurisdiction, helps to creatively find solutions to help clients achieve justice from our post Brexit English perspective.

With the inspirational president of PEOPIL, Ana Romero Porro.

Presenting to the audience on the topic of Brexit.

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