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Professional Regulation and Corporate Compliance

Professionals who find themselves the subject of an investigation or prosecution by their own regulator are often faced with a bewildering set of rules and requirements. This places the investigator at a significant advantage and advice from experienced specialist regulatory lawyers at JMW will redress the balance.

Our expertise in regulatory and disciplinary proceedings will ensure that your position is protected and advanced to the fullest extent. Whether you are a solicitor, accountant, medical practitioner or another professional subject to industry regulation, we regularly represent clients across the professional sectors from investigation to trial at the associated Tribunals. This includes appeals from the Tribunals, Judicial Review and ancillary applications.

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How JMW Can Help

In terms of corporate compliance, the team at JMW guides companies and staff through the relevant compliance requirements to ensure a business is kept on track and does not fall into trouble with regulatory bodies, such as Trading Standards, HMRC, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) amongst others.

Services include advice on technical regulation in niche areas such as product liability and food labelling.

If problems occur, we can be there to defend and protect your business, its reputation and its profits. This often includes representing company directors and officers in compliance investigations and, if necessary, defending prosecutions brought by the relevant public authorities. We have particular expertise in representing companies in HMRC interventions or tax inspections and FCA enquiries. Should you require litigation, our service includes specialised advocacy at licensing committees, tribunals and lower or higher courts.

Our office in the heart of London’s financial district is ideally placed to handle the most serious corporate and professional regulation work. Our Manchester office is close to the Northern Tribunal venue (accommodating the GMC amongst others) and together, the JMW team offers a most cost-effective expert solution to your professional regulation or corporate compliance needs.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of professional regulation and corporate compliance services and have represented clients in many areas, including:

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