Accidents Whilst Working Abroad

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Accidents Whilst Working Abroad

Working abroad can be a great experience both for your career and your personal development; you can come into contact with entirely different approaches to life and use your experiences to your benefit. Sadly though, accidents at work can and do happen both in the UK and abroad, and if you are injured whilst working abroad, you may be unsure of your rights. Our expert team of accidents abroad solicitors can guide you through the claims process to make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

To speak to a solicitor about making a claim for an injury you’ve sustained while working overseas, get in touch with us today by calling 0345 872 6666. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

How JMW Can Help

More people are spending their time working overseas, whether it be part of a gap year before university, a secondment abroad, or to undertake voluntary work. We commonly advise individuals in the following situations:

  • Accidents caused by the employer’s negligence
  • Accidents caused by faulty work equipment
  • Accidents caused by the fault of a colleague
  • Road traffic accidents whilst working abroad
  • Accidents whilst off duty abroad

Our work accidents abroad solicitors have helped many workers who have sustained an injury while working abroad make successful claims for compensation. We know it can seem daunting making a compensation claim against your employer; however, we handle cases carefully to ensure that any potential issues are addressed. We can call upon our specialist employment lawyer colleagues if you need support and feel your employer is using your injury claim against you.

The team will investigate the circumstances and cause of your accident, including liaising with any authorities involved, obtaining your medical records, obtaining independent medical reports to detail your injuries and prognosis, and taking witness evidence to support your claim.

We know that claims involving accidents abroad can be complicated, which is why our solicitors are here to help you make sure everything is clear and have a firm understanding of your options moving forward. We aim to make claims hassle-free so you can concentrate on making a recovery from your injuries.

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FAQs About Accidents While Working Abroad

What evidence will I need to make my claim?

It helps us if you can provide as much evidence as you have that could be supportive of your claim. This may include your contract of employment, payslips, and details of any witnesses to your accident.

We will work with you to gather medical evidence addressing your injuries to make sure the full extent of the injury and the impact it has had on your life is known when we seek compensation on your behalf. We will also calculate the financial losses you have sustained, so it helps if you can keep receipts for any expenses you incur for medication, travel or treatment.

How long do I have to make a claim?

Time limits to make a claim vary, depending on the specific circumstances of your claim and the country in which your accident happened. We recommend you seek urgent advice from an accidents abroad specialist as soon as you know you’d like to make a claim.

Can I make my claim in England or Wales if I've been injured abroad?

We will work with you and examine the legal issues surrounding your case to advise you where your claim can be made. In many cases, you will be able to make a claim in the Courts of England and Wales. In other cases, it may be that you need to make the claim before the foreign courts. We have contacts with lawyers across the globe who we can rely on to ensure you get access to the justice you deserve.

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