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Booking a package holiday is an extremely exciting time, whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or as a family, but no one really likes to think of what could go wrong when you are jetting off for a week or two in the sun.

The reality is that suffering an injury abroad is not uncommon; a survey we conducted found that one in 20 people have suffered an injury abroad, and a further one in ten knows someone who has hurt themselves while on a break. While many believe tour operators are required to provide support during this potentially stressful time, the reality can sometimes be quite different.

Our new report - entitled Your Holiday Legal Rights: The Expectations and Responsibilities of Tour Operators Following Accidents Abroad - looks at the differences between what holidaymakers expect from their tour operators and what is actually required of them. The report is intended as an informative guide for tourists with any questions about a grey area of personal injury law that is not always a simple case of black and white. Our solicitors have answered some of the most common questions to help you get the most out of your holiday.

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