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Skiing is an adrenaline sport that has risen in popularity over the winter months. Due to the nature of this activity, it’s not surprising injuries can occur. Injuries can be wide-ranging and complex; on one side of the spectrum, sprains and simple fractures can occur, while skiers are equally at risk of sustaining more serious injuries, such as brain and spinal injuries.

If you have been injured in a skiing accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to make a claim for your injuries. Our team has represented many winter holidaymakers, helping them to recover compensation following an accident caused whilst enjoying this winter sport, as a result of somebody else’s negligence.

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How JMW Can Help

The team at JMW is experienced in helping holidaymakers who have been left injured after a skiing holiday make claims for compensation. In addition to compensation for any pain and suffering caused, we can help you recover the money you’ve paid for loss of your holiday experience, any time taken off work as a result of your injuries and access to the best medical treatment for your injuries.

Our aim is to make the claims process as smooth as possible so you are able to focus on making a full recovery and return to the position you were in before the accident. We will provide guidance throughout the life of your case, so you are constantly kept up to date and are aware of the appropriate next steps.

Making a Ski Accident Claim

Common types of cases we deal with include:

  • Claims against another skier if they collide with you or cause an accident. Most skiers should have an insurance policy that covers such claims. The Ski Federation rules of conduct set out the expected behaviour that should be adhered to by skiers
  • Claims against hire companies following accidents caused by a fault or inadequate equipment, such as skis or boots you hired at the resort
  • Claims against a ski lift operator or resort where accidents are caused by a ski lift
  • Claims against ski instructors if there has been inadequate or negligent training, or poor supervision.

Our team can advise you if a ski accident claim is possible, and help you through the process by providing comprehensive but easy-to-understand legal advice to get the best result for you. Call us on 0345 646 0350 or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you soon.

What To Do If You’ve Had a Ski Accident

There are some measures you can take, both before and during a ski trip, that will support you in the event an accident may happen. We’ve noted them below. Some of these measures can also be used to support a compensation claim.

Before going on a ski trip

  • Always make sure you have adequate ski travel insurance before you travel. This will ensure you have access to immediate medical attention should you be involved in an accident.
  • Check the local rules on safety equipment - helmets are compulsory in some countries.
  • Make sure to familiarise yourself with the Ski Federation’s rules of conduct before you travel or set foot on the slopes.

Following a skiing accident

  • Check if any of the parties involved in the accident, or any witnesses, were wearing head cameras that may have captured the incident and ask for a copy of any footage.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene or faulty equipment to help show how the accident occurred.
  • Report the accident to the local authorities and ask for a copy of the piste report, which details your accident, provides details of other parties involved and can help prove fault.
  • Ask for a copy of any medical records once you have had treatment for your injuries.


  1. I wasn't on a package holiday - can I still make a claim?

    In many cases, the answer is yes. It may still be possible to make a claim against the responsible party, even if you were not on a package holiday. We can talk through the issues with you and give you advice.

  2. I was on holiday outside of Europe - can I still make a ski compensation claim?

    There are legal rules that determine where you can pursue your claim. Specific provisions mean if you have an accident within the European Union, you may well be able to make your claim here, but having an accident outside the EU doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot claim back in England or Wales. Making a successful claim depends on the specific circumstances and details, and our expert team can talk you through those details and give you advice on how best to pursue your claim.

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