How Workplace Injuries Can Impact Families

29th May 2019 Personal Injury

One of the biggest misconceptions relating to personal injuries is the impact they can have outside of the physical suffering involved in sustaining them. However, there are practical, legal and emotional effects of accidents at work that not only impact the injured person but their family too.

Injuries sustained can be very serious and have a life-long impact, which means it may not be possible to return to work as a result. This could result in financial difficulties, including paying the mortgage, supporting the family and paying for private rehabilitation treatment. For families who have lost a loved one due to an accident at work, the impact goes even further.

The emotional effect of a workplace injury is incomprehensible, and many people struggle to contend with their life changing, potentially overnight. Emotions can include grief for their old life, loss of identity as the ‘breadwinner’, worries about coping financially and desperation to recover from the injuries.

Certain injuries, such as head injuries, are potentially the most life-altering trauma a person can sustain. Incidents that result in a skull fracture, concussion, blunt trauma and coma can cause invisible harm, such as emotional and psychological problems, that might only become apparent long after the accident.

A head injury can impact on an individual’s mental state, leading to personal and relationship problems. This can cause challenges within marriages and partnerships, as well as with relationships in the workplace. For advice on how to return to work after a head injury, take a look at our guide here.

The examples above are just some of the ways that a serious injury could impact your life. The exact effects of an injury will depend upon your circumstances, such as your occupation and lifestyle. For instance, a broken leg will leave most people struggling with day-to-day activities for some time. However, the same injury could be completely devastating for the future of someone who depends upon their legs for their livelihood - such as a professional dancer or footballer.

This is why it is important to seek compensation for an injury. A carefully pursued claim will look at the wider picture, including your ability to continue working, the type of treatment and rehabilitation you require, and the impact on your family. If you’re unable to continue working, the resulting loss of income, perhaps over the rest of your life, is likely to be significant. You shouldn’t be left to endure a financial struggle on top of the physical challenges of an injury.

Knowing the full extent of how an accident at work impacts an individual makes the scale of the problem even more concerning, especially when the accident could have been avoided. That’s why it’s important that if you or a loved one are injured through somebody else’s negligence, a claim should be made for compensation.

If you have been injured at work, contact JMW Solicitors today by calling 0345 872 6666 or visit our Contact Us page. Our workplace accident specialists are on hand to guide you through the claims process.

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