Potholes - Are They Ever Funny?

16th May 2018 Personal Injury

The roads are shocking at the moment but there are early shoots of recovery and signs of repairs being scheduled and undertaken.

Whilst the public suffer the inconvenience of road closures (it's not really that inconvenient though is it?) and either the adjustment needed to park in a different street for a day here and a day there OR even park on the driveway (!) whilst resurfacing works take place, 'pothole funnies' photo takers are running out of opportunities to highlight their comedy skill.

I decided to collate some of my favourites;

1) The birthday card, celebratory cake, and drink for a long-standing pothole.



2) Bathtime duck



3) Darren from Cheshire West has provided much hilarity amongst 'potholers' across the land



4) And here is one I spotted whilst out riding.. my Mother-in-law thought I was actually in the hole



It's always great when people make light of potholes, as seen above, but they can be dangerous and often cause serious accidents. Contact me via email or on Twitter if you'd like to discuss this blog further.


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