Twisted Spokes' Top 10 Women's Cycling Blogs

8th March 2016 Personal Injury

As we draw near the end of our 2016 Women and Cycling campaign, we have drawn up a list of our 10 favourite women's cycling blogs. In no particular order, these are as follows:​​​​​​

1. Love Velo

Lucy Sturgess writes on the 'about' page of Love Velo, that she started the blog in response the 'cycling that had very quickly taken over her [my] life.' The blog is geared towards the promotion of women's cycling and documents Lucy's ups and downs with the bike and her general life. She reviews kits, profiles cycling women and she gives her readers suggestions on where to ride both in the UK and abroad. And all in within a very aesthetically pleasing online space decorated with photos taken by Lucy's sister.

2. Ordinary Cycling Girl

Ordinary Cycling Girl is the blog of Donna Navarro who started cycling in 2014. It's less a blog for women than it is a blog by a woman, with content that is largely non-gendered. Donna is a mum of two who took up cycling after finally finding the will to get on the Specialized Dolce road bike bought for her by her bike enthusiast partner, and though dubious at first, her forays in the cycling arena have led to blog awards and media recognition.

3. Bikes n Stuff

Juliet Elliott is a bit of a one-woman whirlwind who, as well as being a sponsored cyclist, is a snowboarder, entrepreneur and publisher of a magazine for active women. Bikes n Stuff documents Juliet's races, mountain biking adventures, riding on rollers and plenty more. Her adventurous approach to life comes through in her posts which are unerringly dynamic and lively.

4. Fierlan

Fierlan is a company that provides 'flattering, high performing cycling clothing for women everywhere,' and it also boasts a pretty good blog. The blog features content by various writers and is largely comprised of foodie and cycling content. There are weekly recipes for 'Treat Tuesday Cycling Food' and there are editorial pieces focussing on issues affecting women and cycling. The overall effect is of a light, but not fluffy, lifestyle blog for women who are into health and cycling.

5. VeloVixen

Velovixen is another women's cycling retailer that promotes its pro-women and cycling ethos through a strong blog. Contributors write about their attitudes to cycling, focussing on such variants as the benefits of being a 'potterer' and the difficulties of low self-esteem when in a cycling group. There's also useful content featuring handy tips and tricks, plus lots of documenting of individual challenges. All in all, it's a life-affirming read for women that cycle.

6. Cycling for Girls

The Cycling For Girls blog is the place to visit if you're after a product review. The site is associated with Sky's Breeze Network (women's rides for beginners) and states in its introduction that it's committed to developing grassroots women's cycling. The blogs offer in-depth and relevant information on various products, with some more general offerings (eg: Family Cycling Trip to Cannock Chase) thrown in for good measure.

7. Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Copenhagen Cycle Chic adds a bit of a departure from type in this list by eschewing lots of words for lots of pictures. Images of Copenhagen's effortlessly chic cycling populace are grouped by such titles as launch, space and cargo bikes and kids. The photos paint a picture of a city where cycling is very much the norm and pleasingly casual people don't wear much lycra and stress doesn't appear to be much in evidence. It is the kind of blog that makes you wish you lived in Denmark.

8. Bike Shop Girl

Bike Shop Girl is the project of Denver-based Arleigh Jenkins Greenwald. A keen advocate of cycling for women and families, Arleigh's comprehensive blog is built on the founding belief that more cycling would make the world a better place. Her blog posts are wide-ranging and helpful, with an advice section that invites lots of comments as well as the usual reviews, cycling tips and editorial pieces.

9. Juliana Buhring

Ultra Endurance cyclist, Juliana Buhring, documents her globetrotting bike adventures in this honest and eye-opening website. As well as sharing her experiences of ridiculously long rides (think 4,233 miles), Juliana also writes about her struggles with failure and health. As a seasoned endurance rider, Juliana has plenty of sage advice to offer her readers. One of our favourites is this: 'My top tip for the wandering woman: look your worst. Rediscover your tomboy. Embrace your hobo. It is your best deterrent from unwanted stalkers on the road.'

10. Katie Archibald Learns to Live (update 07-01-2020 - this blog has been deleted)

Cycling champion, Katie Archibald's 'about' page states: 'this blog isn't necessarily about being a cyclist, it's just about being me'. And while the blog is, as you would expect, cycle-heavy, it is also a brief and irreverent look into Katie's personality. Scribblings on sanity and bath time accompany photos of Katie at professional events with teammates like Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell. The overall effect is one of a very likeable and original individual who also happens to be a very good cyclist.


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