Nose injury

Nose Injury

  • Total loss of taste and smell
    In the region of £47,810
  • Total loss of smell and significant loss of taste
    £40,150 - £47,810
  • Loss of smell
    £30,500 - £40,150
  • Serious nose fracture with permanent damage
    £12,990 - £28,220
  • Displaced nose fracture
    £3,080 - £6,230

The estimates provided above have been generated by JMW’s Compensation Calculator, using average data from similar cases we’ve dealt with. This will give you a rough guideline of how much you could expect to receive, and help you make a more informed decision about how to proceed.

For a more accurate calculation of how much you could be able to claim, based on the specifics of your case, get in touch with the expert solicitors at JMW today. We can give you a precise estimate that takes into account all of the details about your injury and circumstances.

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What Should I Do Next?

If you have decided to proceed with a compensation claim for your nose injury, it is important to speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to discuss your options going forward.

A qualified solicitor will be able to weigh up the specific details of your case to provide a more accurate estimate of how much you might be entitled to, as well as offering personalised advice on how to proceed with the claim.

After confirming that you wish to go ahead with making a claim, your legal team will get in touch with the party responsible for the injury and begin gathering together medical evidence, witness statements and any other material that can support your claim. By guiding you through each step of the claims process, your solicitor will be able to give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Have a look at our guide to the Lifecycle of a Claim for more information on how the process works, or give us a call on 0800 054 6750 for a free, no-obligation consultation about your options.

What Can Affect the Value of a Compensation Claim?

If you have suffered a nose injury, you are likely to be seeking compensation to account for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of the incident. However, the compensation amount will also take into account the broader impact of the injury on your life.

Typically, final compensation settlements are based on not just the severity and long-term health consequences of the nose injury, but also any financial losses you experience as a result of your accident, including earnings lost due to time spent away from work and the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

By speaking to a solicitor, you will be able to get a clearer idea about which factors in your case might affect the compensation amount, and how much you could be owed as a result.

How Can Compensation Help?

Making a compensation claim can serve a number of purposes, helping you move on with your life after a personal injury, as well as ensuring those responsible are held to account for their actions.

A settlement can include compensation for psychological pain and suffering, which is a particularly important factor in nose injury claims, given that this type of injury can sometimes cause facial disfigurement. Compensation can also cover the cost of any counselling or psychiatric assistance required, making sure that you are able to make a full physical and emotional recovery.

Types of Nose Injury

A broken nose can be extremely painful, with a lot of swelling and bleeding. If you are involved in an accident that results in trauma to your nose, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure your injury is properly checked over and any serious damage attended to.

These injuries vary in severity, with some being easy to recover from, while others can cause long-lasting problems. For example, a deviated septum - which occurs when the bone and cartilage in the centre of the nose becomes crooked - can cause breathing difficulties, while the most serious nasal breakages and fractures can permanently affect a person’s sense of smell.

Nose injuries can have a wide range of causes, from road traffic collisions and accidents at work to slips, trips and falls to sporting incidents. If caused by somebody else’s negligence, a nose injury means that the injured party is entitled to make a claim for compensation - get in touch with JMW to find out more.

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