Moped and Scooter Accident Claims

If you have been injured while riding your moped or scooter and it was caused by somebody else’s negligence, whatever the nature of the accident, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

The personal injury solicitors at JMW have years of experience working with vulnerable road users such as moped riders, so you can rest assured that we will ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and the damage to your moped or scooter.

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How JMW Can Help

In a similar way to motorbikers and cyclists, scooter accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries to riders, even at relatively low speeds, and don’t always involve collisions with other vehicles. For this reason, injuries can vary widely, including whiplash and broken bones, brain damage or spinal injury, and even fatalities.

Compensation can be claimed for any financial losses you have suffered as a result of your accident, including time taken off work, damaged kit and accessories and, of course, the cost of repairing or replacing your moped. We will review all of your losses and put together the strongest possible case to ensure you are able to focus on making a recovery, and do not have to worry about any of the issues related to having an accident.

We can also arrange the most appropriate medical treatment and rehabilitation needed for your injury and help you with access at an early stage to begin the recovery process.

The team has been handling claims of this kind for more than 35 years, so we recognise and understand the differences between car and scooter accidents and injuries. This means we can ensure your case is dealt with emphatically, you receive the right treatment, make a good recovery and have a claim that takes into accounts all the losses you have suffered as a result of your accident.

What to Do Following a Scooter Accident

There are a number of steps you can take to help your claim should you be involved in an accident while on your moped. However, you should only follow these steps if you are well and able.

Once you’re safe and any immediate medical treatment has been administered, you should try to:

  • Take down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who witnessed the accident.
  • Photograph the scene, including what caused the accident and the damage to any vehicles involved.
  • Contact the police and report the accident as soon as possible. This should be a priority if the driver flees the scene.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive for a Moped or Scooter Accident Claim?

The amount of compensation you will be entitled to when you claim for a moped or scooter accident will depend on the injuries you sustained as a result and the circumstances in which your accident took place. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may also be entitled to claim for any time you have taken off work to recover and any private medical expenses you incurred due to your treatment.

The figures below provide a rough idea of how much you could receive for a moped or scooter accident compensation claim, based on the Judicial College Injury Tables. For a more accurate calculation of how much compensation you could be entitled to, based on your own circumstances, contact JMW today.

Minor brain or head injury£1,760 - £10,180
Minor to moderate brain damage£12,210 - £174,620
Minor to moderate knee injury£13,000 - £38,000
Loss of one leg below the knee£83,550 - £109,570
Loss of both legs below the knee£160,600 - £215,310
Hip and pelvis injury£3,150 - £104,370
Minor to serious arm injury£5,280 - £47,720
Loss of one arm below the elbow£76,650 - £87,410
Shoulder injury£6,290 - £15,300

Uninsured and Untraced Drivers

If the person responsible for your scooter accident is found to be uninsured or fled the scene and can’t be traced, you are still able to make a claim through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB).

The MIB is a government organisation set up to ensure victims of road traffic accidents have access to the compensation they deserve.

To make a claim through the MIB, the criteria you have to meet includes:

  • Doing everything in your power to identify the driver responsible for your injuries
  • Reporting the accident to the police within five days of the accident
  • Making a claim with the MIB within nine months of the accident

We will work with you to ensure your claim with the MIB is successful by ensuring you meet the criteria and liaising with the MIB.

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