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Claims Against Uninsured Drivers

If you have been involved in a road accident and it emerges that the other driver is uninsured, the expert solicitors at JMW will help you through the process of making a claim. We can help you recover any financial losses arising from your accident and any injuries sustained.

Our team has the experience and know-how to assist in your claim against an uninsured driver to make sure you get the positive outcome you deserve. With us at your side, you will have the peace of mind that everything will progress as it should.

We are here to ensure your claim goes smoothly, lending our expert advice to make sure you are properly compensated following an accident that was not your fault.

Contact us today and speak to one of our experts about your uninsured driver claim. We can talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Call us on 0345 872 6666 or complete our online enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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How JMW Can Help

If the driver responsible for the accident that resulted in your injury is uninsured, this does not mean you are unable to make a claim for the injuries you have suffered or the financial losses you have incurred. We can ensure you receive the maximum possible compensation, pursuing a claim on your behalf in exactly the same way as we would any other case.

When the driver responsible for an accident is uninsured, we deal with an organisation called the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB). The MIB is funded by the insurance industry and is responsible for helping those who have suffered due to the actions of uninsured drivers or those who have fled the scene of an accident.

As with any road traffic accident claim, we will gather all of the necessary information to enable us to calculate and claim the losses that you have incurred and need to recover. We will also obtain independent expert medical evidence on any injuries you have sustained.

What is the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB)?

The MIB was set up to provide a fund for accidents caused by uninsured and untraceable motorists. The Road Traffic Act 1988 obliges every motor insurer to be a member of the MIB and contribute to its funding, so that innocent parties injured by drivers without insurance, or who cannot be traced after an accident, have an opportunity to seek recourse.

Making a claim for an accident in these circumstances may not be straightforward, and requires a great deal of work as the relevant evidence is gathered. This may include statements from any witnesses to the accident and reports on your injuries from independent medical experts.

When it comes to dealing with the MIB, there are specific procedures to follow, and we will deal with all of this for you and make sure that your interests are prioritised.

JMW has handled hundreds of claims like this and we can guide you through making a claim with the MIB, and take you through the particular process that applies to your claim.

What To Do After an Accident Involving an Uninsured Driver

When you are involved in a road traffic accident, your first priority should always be to deal with your injuries and those of any others involved in the incident. However, if you are able to, there are certain things you can do at the scene of the accident that could prove invaluable to strengthening your claim for compensation.

You should try to obtain as much information at the scene of the accident as you can. You should:

  • Take down the name and address of the driver(s) of the vehicles involved
  • Make a note of the vehicle’s details, including make, model and registration number (take a photo if you don’t have a pen and paper to hand)
  • Note details of any damage caused by the accident
  • Obtain details of any witnesses to the accident

If you are able to take down some or all of this information, it should prove of great assistance to us in the course of pursuing your claim. The more information you are able to obtain, the better, as this will help us to secure the best outcome possible.

Are Motorists Always Required to Have Insurance?

Motorists are legally required to have insurance for their vehicle when driving on a public road. However, if an accident is caused by a motorist who is found to be driving without insurance and occurs on a public road, claims can be made through the MIB.

There is no legal obligation for a person to have insurance for vehicles on private roads, such as on farmland or a construction site, so if an accident occurs in those circumstances, the process of making a claim may be a little more complex; it is advisable to seek expert legal help to find out more about the options available to you.

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