Two Slipped Discs After Injury While Stacking Timber - £41,297

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Two Slipped Discs After Injury While Stacking Timber - £41,297

If you have been in an accident at work that resulted in you sustaining a slipped disc, you will be in a position to make a claim for compensation. The expert team at JMW is here to provide the guidance you need to make a successful claim and to secure the outcome you deserve.

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How Much Could I Claim?

The amount of compensation you can claim will be dependent on your specific case and the circumstances surrounding your injury. However, our compensation calculator can provide more information about back injuries and how much money you might expect to receive.

Case Study: Two Slipped Discs After Work Accident

Mr C was awarded £41,297

A man has received £41,257 in compensation after he slipped two discs while stacking timber.

The Case

Mr C worked at a timber merchants and was stacking timber lengths when he felt a shooting pain in his back and his right leg went numb. A diagnosis revealed Mr C had suffered a slipped disc. After time off work, he suffered a second slipped disc shortly after his return. Mr C decided to make a claim and was put in touch with JMW.

The Claim

Mr C worked as a salesman, but often had to do labouring tasks in addition to this role. He was asked to put away a number of timber lengths, a task requiring a continual twisting action. About 30 minutes into the task, Mr C suffered shooting pains and numbness. He was signed off work, however shortly after his return, he suffered a second slipped disc injury after he was asked to undertake another manual labour task.

We wrote a letter of claim, outlining the accident circumstances and Mr C's intent to make a claim, which was then sent to his employer, who passed it to their insurance company.

Accepting Responsibility

Mr C's employer's insurance company accepted responsibility for Mr C's injuries, but required proof that his employer's negligence had caused the injuries. We arranged for an independent consultant spinal surgeon to examine Mr C. The consultant would provide us with a report that could then be used as independent evidence of Mr C's injuries.

Mr C was struggling to return to work. His GP would not sign him off as fit to work without assurances that he would not be asked to do any lifting. Although Mr C's role was as a salesman, he was told by his employer that they could not guarantee he wouldn't be asked to do manual work. As he was unable to work, Mr C was struggling financially, so we made a request to the insurance company for a £5,000 interim payment that would assist him. Mr C was also trying to find alternative work as he was not happy with the way he was being treated.

Rehabilitating Mr C

We arranged for Mr C to speak with a rehabilitation expert. They visited his home and work environments to try and facilitate his return to the timber merchants. They also helped him with his job search.

Meanwhile, we received the medical report, which stated that Mr C's injury was an acute flare up of some mild underlying changes in his lumbar spine. The report gave two potential outcomes; an acceleration injury of two to five years, or an exacerbation injury of two to four years. We took a statement from Mr C about his accident and how it had affected him, to assist with progressing his claim.

The rehabilitation expert assisted Mr C with physiotherapy, and arranged for him to have forklift truck training. They also highlighted that because of his employer's attitude regarding his return to work, Mr C was in financial difficulty, and we repeated her request to the insurance company for an interim payment, which was eventually provided.

New Employment

After over a year of searching, Mr C was able to secure a managerial post at a betting shop, with the assistance of the rehabilitation organisation.

Meanwhile, we put together a schedule of loss document, outlining all of Mr C's financial losses as a result of the accident. Once Mr C had agreed with the contents of the document, we sent it to the insurance company to negotiate a settlement.

Final Settlement

We received an offer to settle Mr C's claim. However, we felt the offer was too low and advised Mr C to reject it and let us put a counter offer in. Mr C agreed to this. After negotiation, the insurance company put forward an increased offer. We felt this was an appropriate offer and advised Mr C to accept it, something Mr C was delighted to do. We were also able to refer Mr C to JMW's private client department, where he was assisted with setting up his own trust to invest his compensation award.

This was an excellent result, and our team's tenacity, combined with the work of the rehabilitation provider, have ensured Mr C's future is secure.

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